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Creative Problem Solving

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Creative Problem Solving

Problem Solving is the fundamental thing for our human life. This is one of the reasons we are hired to do our full-time job. Think about when you are trying to find a solution and you get stuck. Are you going to give up? Probably not, you may need to be creative. Innovation Marketers suggested steps on how about be more creative on problem solving:

  • Visualize ultimate success.
  • Be still and know that the answer is within you.
  • Be patient.
  • Create a positive environment.
  • Take time away.
  • Engage others in the creative process.
  • Meditate.

Time time away is probably one of the useful ways to tackle problem. When you get stuck, don’t force yourself and stay on the problem. Walk away and let your brain refresh. I usually get some breakthrough when my thoughts are sorted though the break.

Creative Problem Solving – [Innovation Marketers via Slack manager]

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