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100 Questions That Will Help You Break The Ice With Anyone You Meet

Written by Nicholas Garcia
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There are tons of ways to introduce yourself to somebody, some more creative than others. I am a bit terrible when it comes to putting myself out there, though I’ve gotten a lot better in recent years. I am, however, great at observing people who are experts at breaking the proverbial ice, so I know what it takes to be good at it! Below you’ll find an eclectic range of conversation starters to break the ice, from the standard to the insane, and everywhere in between!

1. Hi, my name is [x], and I am not a bad person!

2. Wouldn’t it be crazy if some random dude just came up to you and started talking? Hi, my name’s [x] by the way!

3. Did you see that Game of Thrones episode last night?

4. What do you think of our professor?

5. Our teaching assistant is a real jerk, isn’t he/she?

6. Nice necklace you got there, where did you get it?

7. Those shoes are unique…why did you pick them?

8. Whoa, I know I’ve never talked to you before, but your new haircut is sweet!

9. What kind of accent is that, British?

10. Are you taking this for a GE too?

11. What’s your plan after college?

12. Hey, I think I heard you talking about [insert TV show here]. What do you think of the current season?

13. Do you know the readings that were assigned for this week?

14. I ordered a textbook in the mail and it still hasn’t been delivered…would you mind if I used yours for a day?

15. You look mildly interesting; what’s your story?

16. Cool shirt, what’s it referencing?

17. Do you have any pets at home?

18. What’s your favorite TV show?

19. Cool laptop; is it easier to take notes on that than in a regular notebook?

20. I couldn’t help but notice that you’re holding a 3DS…what’s your favorite game?

21. This class is terrible, wouldn’t you agree?

22. Didn’t I see you at that party last night?

23. Hey, I think we’re both friends with [x]; what’s up?

24. Based on your attire it looks like you workout a lot. What gym do you go to?

25. Well, looks like we’re both stuck in this [insert miserable situation here], what’s your name?

26. I noticed you’re reading a book by [x], he/she is my favorite author! What do you think of it so far?

27. Woo, you look miserable. Need somebody to talk to?

28. So I saw you sitting alone at the bus stop and figured I’d introduce myself since I’m trying to be spontaneous. What’s up?


29. I see you at the dining hall/café all of the time; is it weird if I’m forward and introduce myself?

30. Cool phone you got there; is that the new model?

31. What are you planning to write about for this essay?

32. Aren’t we in the same [x] together?

33. Freshmen are so annoying, aren’t they?

34. So I was messing around in the mirror today; what do you think of my new hairstyle?

35. Do you like running? You look like a runner.

36. Wow, you’re tall; you must be like 6’4” right?

37. Wow, you’re tiny; you must be like five feet tall right?

38. Do you play basketball? With that wingspan, you should.

39. Do you play football? You’ve got muscles on your muscles!

40. Did you hate your English teachers? Yeah, me too.

41. What’s your favorite historical era?

42. What do you think of [insert recent news scandal here]?

43. Are you a liberal or conservative?

44. What’s your favorite sports team?

45. Are you a fan of The Daily Show?

46. Do you think Obama is a good President?

47. What are some of the things you’re obsessed about?

48. Don’t we live in the same apartment complex?

49. Wait; didn’t we live across from each other freshmen year?

50. Hey, you’re that one guy that my other friends all know but I don’t! How’s it going?

51. You really are as funny as they say, you know that?

52. What are your work plans this summer?

53. Do you like the weather where we live? Because in my opinion, it’s way too hot/cold.

54. I’m loving this rain! Are you?

55. Hey, I see you just bought a book *points at your bag*. You know there’s another awesome book store located down that way a couple blocks right?

56. Do you prefer lattes or cappuccinos?

57. Are you a tea person or a coffee fanatic?

58. You should be a politician. Ever thought about it?

59. Yo, you look just like this guy/girl I saw on TV! Know who I’m talking about?

60. I’ve noticed you wear blue and shout “allons-y” a lot…are you a Doctor Who fan?

61. Hey! I recognize you from High School! Except back then you didn’t know who I was. Well I’ll introduce myself, I’m [x].

62. Those are cool aviators; you planning to become a cop?

63. I can’t help but notice you’re still using Internet Explorer. WHY?!?!

64. Do you like your iPhone?

65. Oh hey! You have eyebrows, I have eyebrows; let’s talk!

66. Watching Netflix in the library? I can relate.

67. You look stressed; how can I help?

68. Want to know something funny? Between you and me, my glasses are for show.

69. What classes did you sign up for?

70. Did you check out the ratemyprofesssor.com score for this guy? We’re in for a long quarter…

71. Hey, we both worked at the same place for a couple months and never said a word to each other. What’s up with that?

72. You look pretty unique; what’s your nationality?

73. Is it just me, or does it seem like the rest of the people in our class/office are in a dreamlike stupor?

74. Why doesn’t this room have air-conditioning? This is miserable!

75. Nice hairstyle; what products do you use to keep it that way?

76. Important question: is Folgers really the best part of waking up?

77. *Tilts coffee in stranger’s relative direction* I see you need to caffeinate too. On a scale of one to 10, how desperately do you need coffee to survive in the morning?


78. Did anybody else here finish Mass Effect 3? Wasn’t that ending terrible?!

79. You look like you know what’s up. Have any tips for me?

80. Ooh, that’s a nice hoodie! What store did you find it in?

81. You’re wearing converse too? Converse buddies!

82. Whoa, how’d you manage to break your arm?

83. Did you get taller since the last time I saw you?

84. Wow, did you start a workout regimen or something? I mean, I know I don’t really know you, but good job!

85. Just one question…do you happen to know how to work this thing?!

86. So…the Star Wars prequels. Like or dislike?

87. What’s your opinion of Mark Zuckerberg?

88. Even though I don’t really know you, your face is reasonably more familiar to me than the others in this room. What’s good?!

89. Can you finish this phrase? “I want to be the very best…”

90. So, about this California drought. Do you think they should still be planting lawns when it never rains?

91. What apps do you use most on your smartphone?

92. Would you agree with me that bow ties are cool?

93. How’s life?

94. Do you like being left handed?

95. Do you use Twitter or Facebook more?

96. Do you know [x]? Aren’t they incredibly annoying?

97. Want to hear my impersonation of our professor/boss/other authority figure?

98. That’s a nice car; what year is it?

99. Wow you type super fast. How many words per minute can you do?

100. Frankly, I’m tired of waiting. I’m [x], nice to meet you. Would you like to run away from me now? If so, be my guest. If not, how’s it going?

Featured photo credit: Surface via unsplash.com

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