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7 Best Time Blocking Apps to Help You Get Things Done

Written by Leon Ho
Founder & CEO of Lifehack
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Bill Gates and Cal Newport, among others, swear by time blocking techniques to tackle their myriad commitments and intricate tasks. If your schedule’s a jumble, your to-do list feels endless, and distractions are a constant, time blocking might just be your ticket.

In essence, time blocking is about designating specific slots for tasks, meetings, and activities. You dedicate a block of time to a task and aim to finish it within that time frame. This approach channels your focus, whether it’s work, creativity, relaxation, or a workout.

The best part? There are apps designed specifically to aid this. In this article, we’ll spotlight the best 7 time blocking apps to help you conquer your goals.

Best Time Blocking Apps

1. The Time Flow System

7 Best Time Blocking Apps to Help You Get Things Done

    Developed by the LifeHack team, The Time Flow System stands out by leveraging artificial intelligence to help users match their tasks with overarching goals.

    The core feature, “Focus Blocks,” allows you to allocate dedicated time slots for crucial tasks. This ensures that you don’t merely accomplish random tasks but direct your energies to ones that genuinely move the needle towards your objectives (North Stars).

    What sets this app apart is the AI integration. As you interact more with the system and input your objectives, the AI learns, assisting you in more goal-centered planning.


    To maximize its efficiency, type in everything that you want to achieve in life so the AI can help you break them down into Initiatives and block the schedule for you to get things done. Give the Time Flow System a go!

    2. Sunsama

    7 Best Time Blocking Apps to Help You Get Things Done

      Imagine having your tasks, calendar, and communication tools harmoniously interacting in one platform — that’s Sunsama for you.

      By centralizing these elements, time blocking becomes an intuitive process. You’re not just scheduling tasks, but you’re also preemptively addressing potential distractions by having communications integrated.

      The chief advantage? There’s no need to juggle between apps. To get the best out of Sunsama, ensure you’re engaged with it daily and synchronize all your primary communication platforms.

      3. Planyway

      7 Best Time Blocking Apps to Help You Get Things Done

        Planyway shines as both a calendar and a timeline tool.

        Embedded within its design is the core philosophy of visual time blocking. When you lay your tasks out on Planyway, you’re afforded a bird’s-eye view of your day or week, immediately identifying high-traffic times and potential pockets of free time.

        The drag-and-drop interface means that adapting to changes isn’t a chore but a breeze.

        If you’re a Trello user, you’re in luck — Planyway’s integration with Trello boosts your planning capabilities tenfold.

        4. TimeBloc

        7 Best Time Blocking Apps to Help You Get Things Done

          If routines are your thing, TimeBloc will feel like a dream. This app’s core proposition is fostering the creation and adherence to routines.

          By encouraging dedicated blocks for recurrent tasks, it systematically eliminates guesswork and streamlines your day.

          Over time, you can use its analytics to refine these routines. To get started, focus on establishing blocks for tasks that remain consistent day-to-day.


          5. TickTick

          For the list aficionados, TickTick is a haven. It’s not just about listing tasks; it’s about transforming these tasks into tangible time blocks. This ensures that every item on your list has a defined beginning and end.

          A standout feature is the Pomodoro timer, perfect for those who thrive on focused work sprints.

          Prioritize your tasks with TickTick and designate specific time blocks to ensure that critical tasks aren’t left to the whims of chance.

          6. Clockwise

          7 Best Time Blocking Apps to Help You Get Things Done

            Ever wished your calendar could think? Clockwise comes close. It’s not just about marking time but optimizing it.

            The app evaluates your calendar, automatically adjusts meetings, and earmarks “Focus Time” blocks, ensuring you have large, uninterrupted chunks for deep work.

            The genius lies in its automatic rescheduling feature, freeing you from the tedious task of manual adjustments.

            For optimal functionality, ensure Clockwise is synchronized with your main calendar tools.

            7. HourStack

            7 Best Time Blocking Apps to Help You Get Things Done

              At its heart, HourStack is about transparency — seeing where every hour of your day goes. Its visual representation of time allocation allows users to understand their day or week at a glance.

              By understanding where your time goes, you’re in a better position to make informed adjustments.

              The app’s design is meant for iterative refining. At the end of each week, look back, assess, and optimize for the coming days.

              Final Thoughts

              Time blocking is more than just a scheduling strategy; it’s a commitment to intentional living.

              By setting aside dedicated blocks of time for tasks that truly matter, you’re making a pact with yourself. You’re saying, “This is important. This deserves my undivided attention.”


              While the philosophy of time blocking is straightforward, the practice can get messy without the right tools. That’s why I’ve laid out these apps for you.

              Each one, in its unique way, streamlines the process, making the act of scheduling less of a chore and more of a strategy session.

              Dive in. Explore them. Find the one that aligns with your workflow, challenges you just enough, and aids you in your journey towards achieving your goals.

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