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10 Goals in Life List to Create for a Better Future

10 Goals in Life List to Create for a Better Future

What’s one goal that – if you achieved it – would transform your life?

Perhaps your aim is to get in shape, start a business, or get married. Or you want to buy a house, get promoted, or travel the world.

Think about the type of life you could be living if you accomplished your dreams. How empowered and happy would that make you feel?

Then, imagine the consequences of not setting goals. Are you okay with the regrets and experiences you’d miss?

So, are you ready to learn the precise formula on how to achieve all your goals?

Sorry, but that’s NOT this article. The good news is that volumes have been written on how to set goals:

    TLDR: Write down SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based) goals. Break them down into steps, then act daily.


    That’s it. Instead, I want to talk to the 97% of people that don’t set goals at all or are overdue to rewrite them.

    Let’s first remember why goals are important, and then I’ll recommend ten of the best goals you can set for yourself.

    The Power of Setting Goals

    Your life’s purpose describes why you’re here. Your goals are the milestones of that purpose. Without concrete objectives, you have no way of knowing if you’ve achieved what you’re after. In that sense, goals bring needed clarity and accountability. They also inspire you and drive action. They steer you in the right direction and remind you when to switch course. They set your life’s focus so you aren’t distracted by dead ends.

    Every successful person sets priorities for themselves, even if their approach may be unorthodox. Bill Gates wanted to be a businessperson growing up. His company, Microsoft, was for a time the most significant business in the world, and Gates the world’s richest man. Barack Obama answered in a school assignment that he wanted to be President of the United States, and he became the forty-fourth.

    “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” —Zig Ziglar

    Admission: I learned the power of goals the hard way, through years of missed opportunities and disappointments. Before I could even drink legally, I was fired, arrested, and kicked out of school.

    Alone, defeated, and in a moment of introspection, I finally realized that I had become the source of my problems. I had set the wrong goals using shortsighted tactics. I quit too early or too late all too often. When I began setting the proper goals, my results increased. I found more success at work, at the gym, and in personal relationships. I achieved things I never thought possible.

    Creating Your Own Goals

    Where a lot of people get stuck is choosing the right goal. Start by taking a piece of paper and start to write down everything that you want to do, no matter how crazy or bizarre it may sound to you or others. Write down “I Want to Do “Activity or Accomplishment By [Date]”. Think categories like Physical and Mental Health, Personal Life, Family, and Social Life, Career, Spirituality, etc. Once you have a few dozen goals listed, start grouping similar ones and cut out the ones that don’t speak to you. Most people only have the time and energy to pursue one or two goals at a time. The trick to prioritizing is to identify keystone goals that have a domino effect on other areas of your life.


    For example, a couple of years ago I decided to run a marathon for charity. To accomplish it, I would have to: 1) Quit Smoking, 2) Exercise daily, 3) Eat Healthier, 4) Join a Run Club = Improved Social Life 5) Wake up earlier each day to fit into my schedule, 6) Give back/donate. Not bad for one goal!

    10 Great Goals to Get Started

    While I can’t prescribe the perfect goal for you, as it’s highly personal, here are some of my favorites to get you started:

    1. Take a Class on Any Skill That Appeals to You

    Why This Goal: Learning new skills keep your mind and body engaged, and it can open the doors to new hobbies or careers. It can also reduce your stress and help you meet new people.

    How to Get Started: Google search workshops near you. As the world reopens, hands-on activities like learning an Instrument, Filmmaking, Photography, Painting, Archery, Salsa Dancing, Glassblowing, and more are becoming available.

    2. Participate in an Endurance or Obstacle Race

    Why This Goal: Aerobic exercise can improve your physical health by lowering your cardiovascular risk. Endurance races are a great way to hold yourself accountable so that you are more consistent. This type of training also builds mental fortitude and is a great way to meet others.

    How to Get Started: Sign up for any type of race – running, biking, swimming, or a combination of the three (triathlon). Or try an obstacle race like Tough Mudder or Spartan. is a great website for finding races in your area. Many races were canceled in 2020, but you can often do a virtual race or sign up for one in 2021.

    3. Make a Difference in Someone’s Life by Volunteering

    Why This Goal: When we’re feeling bad about ourselves, we tend to see our problems as worse than they are. We start to see our struggles as insurmountable. When we give back to others, we gain strength, and it reduces our anxiety and fear.

    How to Get Started: Go to There you’ll find hundreds or thousands of charities in places near you.


    4. Write a Book

    Why This Goal: Writing is not just a good practice for work or school. It’s a major creative release that helps us express who we are as a person. I find writing to be a cathartic experience that helps me gain clarity in my mind.

    How to Get Started: If you don’t know what to write about, write about your life experiences, your interests, or your observations of the world.

    5. Spruce up Your Home

    Why This Goal: Renovating your home, whether it’s cleaning, upgrading some furniture, or doing a full remodel can give you greater pride. And since you’re likely spending more time in your home these days, it might as well be comfortable. If you own, it can make it more attractive to buyers when you sell.

    How to Get Started: Envision your ideal living space. Identify a few home improvement projects that would make the greatest impact. Find ways to better organize your space, declutter, and clean. Try these tips: 10 Helpful Tips To Effectively Declutter Your Home

    6. Deliver a Speech to the Largest Crowd You Can

    Why This Goal: Many people would rather pass a kidney stone than deliver a speech to strangers. Yet there is no other activity that will expand your influence like public speaking.

    How to Get Started: Join the Toastmasters international public speaking organization. Clubs get together weekly to practice their public speaking skills. Annual dues are less the $100 and include a guide to your first ten speeches. You could also take a course at your city college or an Improv or Acting Class. Whatever gets you talking!

    7. Learn a Self-Defense Technique or Martial Art

    Why This Goal: This is another goal that can help all aspects of your physical health, from weight control to building strength. Knowing that you can defend in an emergency, will bring new levels of peace and confidence.

    How to Get Started: There are many options, from karate, taekwondo, or mixed martial arts to name a few. I am a big fan of Muay Thai kickboxing. Find which martial art interests you, and sign up at your local gym or dojo.


    8. Explore Your World, Near and Far

    Why This Goal: Travel has been known to relieve stress and boost one’s overall happiness and satisfaction with life. One of life’s best gifts is exploring other cultures, meeting new people, and trying new cuisines and novel experiences.

    How to Get Started: While international travel was greatly restricted in 2020, most of us still have plenty of options. If you’d feel safer traveling next year, consider a staycation or road trip. This is a great year to explore nearby towns, monuments, and national parks.

    9. Build a Business or Brand for Yourself

    Why This Goal: Best case scenario, you build a profitable business that provides a valuable service to the community and stable income for you. Worst case, the business doesn’t work out, and you’ll learn a ton of valuable lessons. Be mindful of the risk and your exposure to losses.

    How to Get Started: This is beyond the scope of this article, but if you have a great idea, consider writing a business plan, look for ways to fund your business, and form a team to build your product or service. Here’s How to Start a Company from Scratch (A Step-By-Step Guide)

    10. Save & Invest More of Your Money

    Why This Goal: People build wealth by saving more of their income and investing it wisely over the long term. Great wealth could mean financial freedom to you – the ability to choose how you want to spend your time. It could bring you greater security and peace of mind.

    How to Get Started: Try to save at least 20% of your income. This can be tough, but reduce your budget to the necessities, and try to make more money at work (raises, bonuses) or through a side hustle. Max out your 401k if you have one. Invest the rest in assets like index funds and real estate.

    I hope that I’ve inspired you with a few ideas for your own goals. No one ever looks back and wishes that they spent more time watching TV, or scrolling through feeds on social media. Try out as many experiences as you can. Learn about yourself in the process, and figure out what makes you happy. Let us know your favorite goals in the comments below.

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    Published on February 23, 2021

    What Are Vision Boards And Why They Work

    What Are Vision Boards And Why They Work

    We hear people saying that vision boards are a fad, that they are not worth doing, and that they should be forgotten. However, this is simply not true. Vision boards can be very useful, and they are definitely worth taking the time to create. That is why so many celebrities and notable figures in the world are choosing to create and use them.

    Beyonce has been known to use vision boards to help her with her future goals, as has Oprah Winfrey and if they work for these two incredibly powerful and talented women, then it makes sense that anyone can benefit from them.

    But what are they? Rather than simply being a collection of images, vision boards are so much more than that.

    To help you to learn more, I have put together our guide to what they are, how they can be made in four steps, and why you should make an effort to make a vision board for yourself.

    What Is a Vision Board?

    We all have visions and goals that we want to achieve. They may be in our personal lives, or they may be in our careers and businesses. While we may know what it is that we want to achieve, this doesn’t mean that it is always easy to focus on our goals.

    The idea of a vision board is that it is a visual representation of what we want to achieve. We can use it to show our end goal and where we see ourselves being in the future. Not only this, but a vision board will also help you show the process of how you envisage getting to these end goals.


    A vision board can be made from a variety of images. What you choose will really depend on you. However, you need to make sure that it reminds you of what your goal is and what it means to you. They should be something that you want to display and that is as eye-catching as possible.

    Colour and texture are key parts of any vision board. However, how you use them is entirely down to you and you alone.

    How To Create a Vision Board?

    Making a vision board may sound straightforward, however, it can be more complicated than you realize. There are plenty of things that you need to think about along the way.

    While the way that you make your vision board will really depend on you, there are 4 steps that you should follow to make sure that it is clear and useful for you in the long run.

    Step 1: Define Your Goals

    The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you define your goals. To do this, you need to list the areas of your life that you consider to be most important to you. We can’t tell you what these are since they are a personal choice. However, some of the most common examples of these areas include your family, relationship, hobbies, friends, fitness, well-being, and finances.

    When you have identified what areas of your life are most important to you right now, then you can start to drill down even further into them and identify what goals you have within them.


    If you focus on sports and fitness, then maybe you want to teach yoga or train in a sport. If travel is important to you, then maybe plan a trip around the world. If you want to expand your mind, you could identify an instrument or language that you want to learn and if you are thinking about your career (and maybe your finances, too), then starting a business could be a key goal for you.

    You shouldn’t spend too much time on this, else there is a chance that you may overthink things rather than letting them come to you. Only spend around 10 minutes on this step. Make sure that you write down anything that comes to mind as you can use these things later on.

    Step 2: Gather Your Inspiration

    Once you know what your goals are, then you need to start thinking about how you can create a visual representation of these goals. Think about words and images that match in with what you want to achieve.

    Of course, the most obvious place to look for these images is in magazines, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to only magazines. Other great places that you can use for inspiration for your vision board include:

    • Postcards
    • Stickers
    • Wrapper paper
    • Materials
    • Things from nature
    • Online searches

    When you see something that works for you, then cut it out or even rip it out and place it on one side. You may be surprised by just where you can find your inspiration, and you shouldn’t discount something just because it doesn’t fit in with what you think should inspire you.

    This step will take a little longer than the last. So, you might want to make sure that you have a nice cup of your favorite hot drink—ready to browse through and find your inspiration.


    Step 3: Map Out How You Want Your Board to Look

    Now, we have got to the point where you can start thinking about what your vision board is going to look like. You will need to grab some things for this step. You will need some cardboard (the bigger the better), scissors, glue sticks, markers, fabric, decorate tape, stickers, gems, or sequins.

    To start, you just want to lay your images out on your board. You don’t want to glue anything until you know how you want them to be arranged. The last thing that you want is to stick things down, commit to that setup, and then find out that you want to change them.

    Once you are happy with how things look, then you can stick it all down. You may want to use some of the added decorative things that you have put together, such as decorative tape, sequins, stickers or simply use different pens or paints to add color.

    The main thing to remember is that your vision board is all about you, so what you create should be appealing to you. You can look online for help on how to put things together and make up your board but, ultimately, you need to focus on it being a representation of you.

    Step 4: Make It Happen

    The last thing on the list is to make sure that you bring your vision board to life. First, you need to make sure that you display it in a place where you will be able to see it. After all, that is the main reason for taking the time to make your vision board in the first place.

    Display it in a place that you go to every single day. This could be a home office, your bedroom, or perhaps in a hallway before you leave the house every day. Having it there will remind you that you need to follow those dreams and achieve those goals and will also show you how you can do it.


    Then, it is down to you. Do whatever you need to do to make it happen. Push yourself and focus on what you want to achieve. You may make excuses and you may sometimes think that you just can’t do it, but I promise you that you can—that you will one day get there. Of course, your vision board is just a part of the process, and really, it is down to you to make it happen. So, do it!

    Why Do They Work?

    We know that vision boards sound like they are a lot of work, but the truth is, they are as hard as you make them. Not only this, but they are well worth putting all that effort into to create them.

    With a vision board, you will able to see what it is that you want in the future and identify how you can get there. When you can see it, there, in front of you, then you are going to want to get there, and you are going to feel much more motivated to work towards these goals. Not only this, but the process of making a vision board is more fun than you may realize. This means that you can look forward to doing it rather than ignoring those goals and stopping yourself from achieving what you want in the future.

    More Tips on Creating Vision Boards

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