5 Technologies That Will Completely Change the Way You Live

5 Technologies That Will Completely Change the Way You Live

Anyone that was alive before the computer or even the iPhone can attest to how much life for the ordinary person has changed since those days. The smartphone craze that exploded in 2007 has connected the world in a way that many could not imagine. There is literally no limit to what a smartphone will be able to do in the future and what kind of access people will have at their fingertips.

Luckily, the world continues to march on and innovation continues to explode in virtually every country. Many companies and people are on the verge of new discoveries and inventions that will change the world in a huge way once again. Here are five to keep an eye on.


1. Drones

This is not the cheap little drones that many kids will be getting for Christmas this year and will have destroyed before New Year’s Day. This is about real drone technology that is being developed by Amazon, Boeing, and other large companies. There are hundreds of useful ways drones will be used. Facebook is looking at using drones to provide internet to places that are off the grid. The U.S. military is using drones to explore space and monitor foreign nations. And Amazon plans on using drones to start delivering products autonomously and incredibly fast.

Expect drones to fill the skies in 10-20 years. They will all be unmanned and will have a huge variety of purposes. Some will be delivering, others will be watching and monitoring, and others will be filming beautiful footage of scenes below.


2. Virtual reality

With Facebook also investing heavily in virtual reality, the industry is on the cusp of an explosion. Currently, there are small virtual reality businesses popping up all over the world. They do it mainly for entertainment, setting up interactive video games for people to come enjoy. That is just the beginning, however. Nearly every industry will benefit from virtual reality. An interesting one is the medical industry. There are dozens of mental health implications that arise when you can create something so realistic that your mind actually believes you are there. Imagine being able to go to a beautiful mountain in Scotland whenever life becomes too much and just sit and meditate.

3. Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are the next big thing in transportation. Nearly every company that is involved in vehicles in any way is getting involved with automated vehicles. Uber has already put self-driving cars on the road and Lyft has announced self-driving vehicles in the near future. Tesla and Google are also at the front of the self-driving car craze, each with their own current working model.


Self-driving cars will change the way we transport more than many people think. Car ownership is expected to become a thing of the past. Instead, companies like Uber and Lyft will have millions have vehicles out patrolling the roads. When someone is a few minutes from getting off work they will just order a self-driving car to come get them home. Because there are millions of cars, it will only be a matter of minutes until this service arrives. It will also be incredibly cheap because of the amount of cars and competition.

4. 3D printing

If self-driving cars are the game changer in the transportation industry, 3D printing is a game changer in the construction and engineering industry. Imagine in ten years being able to build something as complex as a house without a single worker. Instead, dozens of printers will do the majority of the work, with construction workers simply guiding the process. This will also hold true for other industries. Households will own a 3D printer and instead of running to the store for simple things, they will be able to download a template and print one out themselves.


5. Space

While this is still far from happening, space travel for private citizens will eventually happen. There are dozens of well-funded companies already in the game and more will surely follow. The problem slowing down the space industry is safety. The technology exists, but it needs to exist perfectly. There can be no mistakes when space is involved. SpaceX, a leader in the space industry is working on reusable rockets but suffered a recent setback when a test rocket exploded. This highlighted, once again, that we are still far from conquering space.

These technologies that were once only found in movies like Star Trek are now a reality. Today, they are new and exciting concepts, but in twenty years, they will likely simply be a part of our everyday life.

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Last Updated on October 16, 2019

11 Meeting Scheduler Apps to Boost Your Productivity

11 Meeting Scheduler Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Automations are key to improving efficiency. Set the system up right from the beginning and you’ll reduce the amount of no-shows and cancellations.

Whatever your business is, with automations, meeting scheduler apps do more than just streamline appointment setting. They prime your workflow for maximum results.

Meeting scheduler apps are awesome if you use them right. Use them wrong and you can look like an arrogant elitist.

In this article, I will share with you 11 great meeting scheduler apps you can start using today to boost your productivity.

1. ScheduleOnce

    ScheduleOnce is an industry leader and robust solution. Whether you work alone or have a large team, ScheduleOnce can support you.

    ScheduleOnce allows you to create multiple users and multiple calendars. I use one calendar for booking podcast guests with automations set up to prep my guests for our interview. I use another calendar for strategy sessions and coaching calls.

    ScheduleOnce also has embeddable widgets so you can keep the scheduler inside your own website.

    Starting at $7 a month and a 14 day free trial, ScheduleOnce can fit a variety of needs in business.

    Available on Web

    2. Calendly

      Calendly stands out for its clean, easy to use interface. If you like clean design, Calendly might be your choice. It too has robust automations and integrations for individuals and teams alike.

      You can try Calendly free for 14 days. Their basic plan is free while their most robust plan is only $12 a month.


      Available on Web | Google Chrome Extension


        For those who use gmail, is a super simple solution.

        From inside an email, you click on the icon and pick times your free. embeds the times directly into the email so the recipient can quickly pick a time that works for them.

        While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of apps like Calendly or ScheduleOnce, is completely free.

        Available on Web

        4. Acuityscheduling

          Acuity is a robust meeting scheduler very similar to ScheduleOnce. It integrates with CRMs, Email Marketing platforms, Analytics tools and accounting software.

          It comes with a 14 day free trial. They have a free solo account but if you want the benefit of the integrations, you’ll start as low as $15 a month and can cost up to $50 a month.

          Available on Web | iOS | Android

          5. Pick

            Built for simplicity, Pick is direct and easy to use. You can create your own url extension like and it integrates with Google calendar and Office 365.

            At $3 a month, this is a great tool for quick scheduling.


            Available on Web


              For those who are early adopters of AI, this may be the solution for you. created two AI assistants they call Amy and Andrew Ingram. After setting up your account you simply CC them on your emails with the person you’re wanting to schedule and the AI assistants will email your guests from there until your appointment is set.

              This type of scheduler feels more personal because of the dialogue. There are stories on their site of people thinking Amy and Andrew are real people. integrates with Google, Office 365 and Outlook.

              Starting at $29 a month for an Individual account and $39 a month per user for a Team account, Amy and Andrew are ready to schedule meetings for you. Want to try it out first? They do have a free trial.

              Available on Web


                is another competitive solution for scheduling meetings online. You can manage the calendars of your entire team, configure booking forms, and integrate with your calendar.

                They have a free account branded with their company name or you can have some control over your branding and appearance at $10 a month for all their features. Either way, this company is worth a look.

                Available on Web

                8. Doodle

                  Doodle is unique in the space of meeting schedulers because it helps groups of people find a time to meet that works for everyone.

                  It integrates with your calendar and allows you to send a poll to all invited. Once people vote on the poll you can see which time works best for everyone.


                  You can also run polls for food preferences if you’re scheduling a lunch meeting or a section of town if people are coming from all over.

                  While there is a free account, you’ll unlock it’s potential starting at $39 per year.

                  Available on Web | iOS | Android

                  9. WhenAvailable

                    WhenAvailable is another scheduler that works for groups of people. You can use it to schedule a pickup game of basketball, decide on your next book club or book your family reunion.

                    Their free account allows up to 20 guests, unlimited events and one contact group. For $15 a year you unlock all the goodies including reminders and chat messages.

                    Available on Web

                    10. Rally

                      Like Doodle and WhenAvailable, Rallly is helpful for scheduling meetings and events with multiple people involved. You create a poll and everyone votes. It’s quick and easy.

                      Unlike Doodle, it doesn’t have as many features, but it’s entirely free.

                      Available on Web

                      11. NeedtoMeet

                        Finishing strong, NeedtoMeet is our last app that allows you to schedule meetings or events for multiple people. It has mobile apps, custom urls, easy polling, notifications and commenting.


                        NeedtoMeet also allows 1:1 Meetings for things like performance reviews for your whole team. You send out the your calendar slots to your team and they can only pick 1 slot, minimizing the amount of emails and scheduling you have to coordinate.

                        While they have a free account, you can unlock all features for only $19 a year.

                        Available on Web

                        Bonus: Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Using Meeting Schedulers

                        In the excitement of streamlining your scheduling process, it can be easy to forget the feelings of those you’re inviting to meet. I know. I’ve done this.

                        To say “Hey, schedule time on my calendar” feels colder than “Hey, here’s my calendar. To avoid all the back and forth, pick a time that works best for you.”

                        Always make sure to frame your invite with your scheduler app with the benefit to them and why we’re doing it this way rather than the old fashioned, personal way.

                        A little finesse goes a long way. Without it, you risk seeming transactional and cold.

                        Some meeting scheduler widgets you can embed in your site can take a couple seconds to load. If you go this route, make sure there’s text just above the widget that lets your guest know the calendar will appear below and to wait for it to load.

                        If you use an online meeting tool like Zoom, it’s also important to explicitly let them know the meeting will take place on Zoom and include the Zoom link in the email reminder. Many make the mistake of not clarifying where the meeting will actually take place which can create last minute chaos at the time of the meeting.

                        Should you require special settings, like ethernet, external mics or lighting, let your guests know that on your thank you page and reminder emails so they are prepared for the meeting and you end up with the best meeting possible.

                        With clear communication in your automation, your meeting scheduler tools can almost perform like a virtual assistant for a fraction of the cost, or free, depending on the app you choose.

                        The Bottom Line

                        Meeting scheduler apps are diverse in features and unique in design. Before committing to one and realizing it’s not a fit, I recommend exploring which 3 might best fit you and then doing a trial with each of them at the same time so that you can see how they feel as you use them side by side.

                        Scheduling meetings the old fashioned way can be tedious. Conversely, finding a scheduling app that works seamlessly in the background is heavenly.

                        Like cell phones, meeting scheduler apps are moving from a nice-to-have luxury to must-have necessity in the lives of productive people. As you explore your options, stay true to your brand and the tools that have worked well for you to this point and simply find a meeting scheduler app that plays well with what you have created.

                        Featured photo credit: rawpixel via

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