6 Ways to Include Meditation in Your Daily Routine

6 Ways to Include Meditation in Your Daily Routine

Meditation has tremendous benefits – science proves it. However, not many people are actively engaged in meditation. Work pressures, home responsibilities and other social obligation keep us from taking a much needed break to reconnect with our inner-self through meditation.

Meditation reconnects us with our inner self and provides the much needed opportunity to inspect our thoughts and engage into deliberate relaxation to rejuvenate and regrow with more vigor and enthusiasm.

If you are a busy person or someone who is totally new to meditation, here are six simple ways to include meditation into your daily routine:


1. Start small and slow

We all are busy and meditation requires time to practice and get used to it. Masters always ask their disciples to start small and start slow meditation. Selecting a specific time of the day and using that time to do meditation will make your brain to start accepting the new routine.

Start with simple breathing exercises during the day i.e. during lunch hours, right after you wake up or before the sleep, you can easily integrate meditation in your daily routine just by doing focused breathing exercises for just brief period of time.

2. Be easier on yourself

You cannot force meditation on yourself. If you do, you will never be able to meditate properly. Your mind chatter will never simply vanish if you force meditation on yourself so make sure you are fully convinced on the benefits of meditation.


Meditation is your relationship with yourself so surrender yourself in this relationship and be more open to yourself to experience new realities through meditation.

3. Body Scanning

Another way to integrate meditation in your daily life is to scan your body and do gradual relaxation meditation. Start with simple shift in focus on each part of the body right from your scalp to your toes.

Slowly and gradually start scanning your body and start counting backwards from 100 to 1 while continuing to focus on each part of the body.


4. Working with your feelings and sensations

Focusing on the feelings and sensations of your body can also be a good start for meditation. Welcoming the feelings, sensations, sounds and pictures you experience in your daily life can help you pause and feel at peace with yourself.

Welcoming of all the feelings and sensations makes you accept things as they are and will further calm you down. Stop resisting your feelings and welcome everything. In time, you’ll be able to experience the complete benefits of meditation just by doing this.

5. Find a community

If you are busy or not sure how to start meditation, it is also a good option if you can find a friend or group – online or otherwise – to support you in integrating meditation in your daily life. An accountability buddy or community participation is a great way to keep you committed and motivated to routine engagement in meditation.


Online Facebook groups are also your other option to engage with other like-minded people and learn from their experiences. Once you start to interact with others, you will feel more confident about yourself and more comfortable participating in meditation on a daily basis.

6. Use wearable technology

There are many apps that can help you learn meditation or force you to do breathing exercises. There are also wearable technologies that help you do the same. The new Fitbit Charge 2 is a device designed to help you do breathing exercises. By using its internal timer and alarm features, you can follow the on-screen instructions on your Charge HR2 and easily do some breathing exercises.

Meditation has its benefits. The above-mentioned methods are simple things to help you make meditation a routine activity. Commit yourself and you can be on your way to living a stress-free life.

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Last Updated on July 18, 2019

10 Small Changes To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

10 Small Changes To Make Your House Feel Like A Home

Your house is more than just a building that you live in. It should be a home that makes you feel welcome as soon as you open the front door.

Making your house feel like a home is not something that simply happens on its own. You need to make some changes to a house when you move in, to give it that cozy, warm feeling that turns it into a true home. To help you speed the process, follow this guide to 10 small changes to make your house feel like a home.

1. Make the Windows Your Own

When you move into a home, they often come with boring Venetian blinds or less than attractive curtains.

One of the best ways you can instantly warm your home and make it showcase your style is to add some new window dressing. Adding beautiful curtains not only improves your home’s appearance, but it can also help to control the temperature.

2. Put up Some Art

If you have a lot of bare walls in your home, it will seem sterile no matter how beautiful your paint or wallpaper is.


Hanging art on the walls will instantly give it personality and make it feel like home.

3. Improve the Aroma

A house that is not filled with inviting smells will never feel like a home. There are loads of ways you can make your home smell nice. There are tons of air fresheners on the market you can use.

Incense and scented candles are a nice option as well. Don’t forget that baking in a home is also a great way to fill it with an aroma that instantly smells like home as soon as you open the front door.

4. Put out Lots of Pillows and Throws

A great way to make your home look warm and inviting is to place lots of pillows and throws out on the furniture. It is much better to have too many pillows than not enough.

There is nothing like the feeling of sinking into a cushiony pillow that feels like a cloud to make you feel like you are at home.


5. Instantly Class up Your Closet

If your closet is filled with wire or plastic hangers, it will never truly feel homey. To instantly make your closet feel classy, change out your old hangers for wooden ones.

Not only do they look great, but they are better for hanging your clothes as well.

6. Improve Your Air Quality

One of the most overlooked ways to make your house feel more like a home is to improve its air quality.

The easiest and best way to upgrade the air quality in your home is to change the old, dirty filters in your furnace regularly. Get some air filters delivered to your home so that you always have some on hand.

7. Fill it with Plants

Another way to improve the air quality in your home is to fill it with plants. You should have plants in every room of your home.


They help to improve the air quality and they look beautiful. As well as making your home appear homier, plants also help to boost your mood and lower your stress levels.

8. Change the Doorknobs

Most people don’t really give their doorknobs a second thought unless they are broken. That is a shame because changing your doorknobs is an easy way to add personality to your home.

Changing your old, boring doorknobs to new ones that are works of art will instantly brighten your home.

9. Upgrade Your Tub or Shower

There is nothing like luxuriating in a whirlpool bath or steam shower to make the cares of the day melt away. Your family deserves a bit of luxury when they are in their bathroom.

Install a new shower or tub today to make your bathroom worthy of a place in your home.


10. Fresh Cut Flowers

You can make any room in your house feel homier by placing a vase full of beautiful flowers in it. The gorgeous look and intoxicating aroma of fresh cut flowers will immediately brighten your day when you encounter them.

You don’t have to make all these changes at once. Try one or two a day though, and your house will feel like a home before you know it. The trick is to constantly keep adding these homey touches to make your home a place worthy of its name.

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