15 Pictures Telling Why You Should Still Have Hope For Our World

15 Pictures Telling Why You Should Still Have Hope For Our World

We may easily lose hope for our world and even have weeped for humanity because of the bad news we hear every day or the unfairness we encounter. We may feel disappointed and want to be indifferent to what is happening around us.

But please stop diving into this pessimistic mindset for a while to take a look of the pictures below. The short stories shown in the pictures remind us that there are still many kind-hearted people in this world. It just depends on whether we are careful enough to recognize them.

If you feel touched by these stories and regain your hope for our world, take actions to carry out some good deeds like these unsung heroes. People around you are waiting to be inspired by you!































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                                Last Updated on March 17, 2020

                                4 Simple Ways to Make Boring Work Become Interesting

                                4 Simple Ways to Make Boring Work Become Interesting

                                Are you bored at work right now?

                                Sitting at your desk, wishing you could be anywhere other than here, doing anything else…?

                                You’re not alone.

                                Even when you have a job you love, it’s easy to get bored. And if your job isn’t something you’re passionate about, it’s even easier for boredom to creep in.

                                Did you know it’s actually possible to make any job more interesting?

                                That’s right.

                                Whether it’s data entry or shelf stacking, even the most mind-numbing of jobs can be made more fun.


                                Understanding the science behind boredom is the first step to beating it.

                                Read on to learn the truth about boredom, and what you can do to stop feeling bored at work for good.

                                VIDEO SUMMARY

                                I’m bored – as you’re watching the same film over and over again, even though it’s your favorite one

                                When you experience something new, your brain releases opioids – chemicals which make you feel good. [1]

                                It’s the feeling you might get when you taste a new food for the first time, watch a cool new film, or meet a new person.

                                However, the next time you have the same experience, the brain processes it in a different way, without releasing so many feel-good chemicals.

                                That’s why you won’t get the same thrill when you eat that delicious meal for the tenth time, rewatch that film again, or spend time with the same friend.

                                So, in a nutshell, we get bored when we aren’t having any new experiences.


                                Now, new experiences don’t have to be huge life changes – they could be as simple as taking a different route to work, or picking a different sandwich shop for lunch.

                                We’re going to apply this theory to your boring job.

                                Keep reading find out how to make subtle changes to the way you work to defeat boredom and have more fun.

                                Your work can be much more interesting if you learn these little tricks.

                                Ready to learn how to stop feeling so bored at work?

                                We’ve listed some simple suggestions below – you can start implementing these right now.

                                Let’s do this.

                                Make routine tasks more interesting by adding something new

                                Sometimes one new element is all it takes to turn routine tasks from dull to interesting.


                                Maybe there’s a long drive you have to make every single week. You get so bored, going the same old route to make the same old deliveries.

                                Why not make it a routine to create a playlist of new music each Sunday, to listen to on your boring drive during the week?

                                Just like that, something you dread can be turned into the highlight of your day.

                                For other routine tasks, you could try setting a timer and trying to beat your record, moving to a new location to complete the task, or trying out a new technique for getting the work done – you might even improve your productivity, too.

                                Combine repetitive tasks to get them out of the way

                                Certain tasks are difficult to make interesting, no matter how hard you try.

                                Get these yawn-inducing chores out of the way ASAP by combining them into one quick, focused batch.

                                For example, if you hate listening to meeting recordings, and dislike tidying your desk, do them both at the same time. You’ll halve the time you spend bored out of your mind, and can move onto more interesting tasks as soon as you’re done.


                                Break large tasks into small pieces and plan breaks between them

                                Feeling overwhelmed can lead you to procrastinate and get bored. Try breaking up large tasks into lots of small pieces to keep things manageable and fun.

                                Try breaking up a 10,000 word report into 1000-word sections. Reward yourself at the end of each section, and you’ll get 10 mini mood boosts, instead of just one at the end.

                                You can also plan short breaks between each section, which will help to prevent boredom and keep you focused.

                                Give yourself regular rewards, it can be anything that makes you feel good

                                Make sure you reward yourself for achievements, even if they feel small.

                                Rewards could include:

                                • Eating your favourite snack.
                                • Taking a walk in a natural area.
                                • Spending a few minutes on a fun online game.
                                • Buying yourself a small treat.
                                • Visiting a new place.
                                • Spending time on a favourite hobby.

                                Your brain will come to associate work with fun rewards, and you’ll soon feel less bored and more motivated.

                                Boredom doesn’t have to be a fact of life.

                                Make your working life feel a thousand times more fun by following the simple tips above.


                                [1] Psychology Today: Why People Get Bored

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