Tools To Transfer Your Files From iOS Device To Computer Easily

Tools To Transfer Your Files From iOS Device To Computer Easily

It is important to know that you have a tool that can help you to transfer files from an iOS device to a computer. Having such tools available helps you to tap into and expand your device’s functionality. Some might cost you some money while others may not cost you anything, but you should understand that these tools are designed for ease and flexibility. Here are 6 tools you can use to transfer your files from iOS device to computer.



    Transferring your files from your iPhone to your PC just got easier with iMazing because it offers a simple and efficient way to copy and manage files and folders through a powerful file browser. Devices are not tied or limited to a particular library as they would be in iTunes. With iMazing you can have an iOS device interact with different computers whether it is a Mac or a PC. With the features available in iMazing you can easily share and transfer any documents or media between your iOS device and your home or office desktop computers.




      If you are looking for the functionality of iTunes and more, then you need to try Fonepaw. Fonepaw manages your music and offers you the option of selectively moving songs and playlists between iOS and PC without limitations. In a click you can sync all or partial music, podcasts, iTunes U, audio book and more between Apple iOS device and PC. All you need to get started is to connect your iDevice to computer and start transferring such files such as your videos, podcasts, movies and more from your iOS device to your PC or vice versa.




        Syncios offers more than compatibility with a PC, it also supports a wide range of iOS device, languages, file type and more. Some of the supported languages on this tool are French, German, Portuguese, Italian and more. Other features of this tool are the built in audio & video converter which helps you to get music, movies and ringtone easily into an iOS device, an external drive for convenient storage and sharing game apps, movies and more with friends.



          iExplorer allows you to transfer music from any iOS device to a PC computer and iTunes. With the touch of a button you can copy particular songs to iTunes. Beyond this feature, the iExplorer allows you to use your iPhone, iPod or iPad like a USB flash drive. You could also get file system access to data contained within or other directories or other apps on your device.


          iMobie AnyTrans


            iMobie has proven to be an efficient tool in transferring your files between iOS devices to computer with ease. It supports 20 kinds of iOS content such as Photos, Videos, Music and Text Messages, movies, Notes, Safari and more. With a few clicks you can transfer a file to your computer and even from an iOS device to another iDevice directly. This tool is flexible and such support it offers makes sure your existing file is not erased in the process.



              Unlike other transfer tools, Apowersoft is free and comes without any hidden charges and restrictions. A notable feature in this tool is that you can backup a large amount of media content on iOS devices. Whether the files contain iBooks, photos, voice memos, iTunes, podcasts or others, all you need to transfer such files to a computer is to copy your important files from an iOS device for backup by clicking the Export button. Additional features of Apowersoft include importing media contents to your iOS device; managing your media files on your iOS device; managing your personal information on your iOS device such as your contacts, calendar and notes; and managing all the applications on your iOS devices such as installing, uninstalling and updating the apps on your iOS device.


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              Last Updated on March 25, 2020

              How to Type Faster: 12 Typing Tips and Techniques

              How to Type Faster: 12 Typing Tips and Techniques

              Typing is a lot of fun, especially if you’re the type of person who loves to write. Whenever an idea comes to your head or you just want to communicate something, the feeling of scribbling things down in a computer is awesome.

              Do you know that being able to type faster makes you more productive? In fact, it’ll save you 21 days every year just by typing faster!

              Many people look up to master typists and wish that to handle a keyboard like they do. The truth is that none of them started that way, and they had to learn.

              In this piece, you’ll learn how to type faster with some useful tips and techniques:

              1. Work on Your Workspace and Typing Area

              A lot of people believe that fast and correct typing will start when you can master the keyboard. But the truth is, you will need to begin with getting a workspace that is clean, properly ventilated, and comfortable. Also, for optimal typing, you will need to get a table and not out your laptop or computer on your lap.


              If you will be working for an extended period, make sure that you’re comfortable.

              2. Fix Your Posture

              If you want to type well, the correct posture will be seated, straight backed, and with your feet planted a little apart, flat on the ground. You wrists should also be positioned in such a way that your fingers can cover the keyboard. Tilt your head a bit as you can look at the screen properly as well.

              Adjust your office chair so you’ll be able to easily play with the seat and get a proper posture.

              3. Hold Your Posture

              It is also very important that you keep this position as you type. Ensure that your posture is good, and this way, you will be able to avoid getting aches on your wrists. These aches have a way of slowing you down and keeping you out of rhythm.

              Keep your back and shoulders from hunching, and while relaxation should be your key goal as you work on, also be sure to stay upright.


              4. Familiarize Yourself with the Keyboard

              The keyboard is your tool here, so you will need to get to know it. Fortunately for you, most keyboards that you see will make use of the same layout; the QWERTY layout. It is called that because of the letters that make the top left corner. You’ll also find that a lot of keyboards have keys around these main ones that do several tings.

              Here’s a nice video to help you familiarize yourself with the keyboard:

              So, work on memorizing the positions of the letter keys, as well as some of the most used punctuation marks. You will need to understand where they are without looking at the keyboard. This is the only way you can learn to type fast.

              5. Close Your Eyes and Say the Keys out Loud as You Press Them

              Another great way to get to know the positions of these letters is to look away from them and directly at the screen. Then, pronounce the keys as you press them and see if you’re correct. This step will go a long way in helping you to memorize the keys, and it can easily help you

              6. Start Slowly with Touch-Typing

              Improving your speed as you type is a matter of developing your skill over time. However, the quickest way to master typing will be touch typing. If this is your first time with touch typing, then you might spend a lot of time on this step. However, once you can type without looking at the keys, your speed will increase.


              Now, this typing method might feel a bit alien, but you’ll improve with time.

              7. Stick with It and Don’t Look at Your Hands

              The whole essence of this step is to keep you from looking at your keyboard as you type, so that your fingers are made to learn how the keys work.

              Again, you might find that your speed reduces when you begin, but just stick to it. Touch typing will help you to reach higher speeds and master it.

              8. Practice, Practice, Practice

              Mastering the touch typing technique will prove to be a bit finicky, but once your posture is up and you get your fingers where they should be, you can only improve by practicing.

              Spare some time on a daily basis to practice and master both accuracy and speed. With continuous practice, you will also notice that you make fewer errors with time.


              9. Check out Some Online Games

              There are also some websites that can help you with your practicing. They score you and record your words per minute, so you can try improving your record and competing with others as well. Here’re some of the nice sites:

              10. Dictation Practice

              If you don’t know what you can type, another alternative to getting good practice is to listen to something and try to type as you hear the words. There is no limit to the kind of things you can type, and you can even make the practice process more fun. So, get an e-book, an online lecture, or listen to a talk show and type. You could watch a TV show as well.

              11. Monitor Your Progress

              Ensure that you keep track of the progress you make as you go on. But it is important that you don’t get obsessed with how many words you are able to type in a minute. Rather, ensure that you stay comfortable while you type. With time, your words per minute will increase, and you’ll be able to clock up some high numbers.

              12. Get Some Formal Training If You Want

              There are actually a lot of specially designed courses and programs that will boost your typing ability. If you’re willing to improve your skill, get any of these and see how well they work for you:

              Don’t just finish reading this article and expect that you’ll type faster. You do need to work on your skills. It takes time to type fast but, practice makes perfect!

              More Tips About Typing Faster

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