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10 Things About Being An Ambivert That Might Confuse Others

Written by Amy Johnson
Amy is a writer who blogs about relationships and lifestyle advice.
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Do you think you are an ambivert? Instead of being extroverted or introverted, ambiverts fall right in the middle. For instance an ambivert may be drawn to people and could love going to gatherings, but they might dislike parties filled with strangers.

Check out 10 things about being an ambivert that might confuse others.

1. We can be quiet but we are not shy

When ambiverts are hanging out with other people they are happy for the others to talk the lead in the conversation. It isn’t because we are shy – we enjoy listening to others talk so we can learn more about them and their interests.

2. We are totally different when we are around strangers compared to when we are with friends

An ambivert is quiet, friendly and polite around new people, whereas they are much louder around their friends. It isn’t that we feel shy or awkward around strangers; sometimes we love to meet new people, we just don’t want to come across as self-involved or too loud.

3. We balance out our friends

When an ambivert is hanging out with someone quiet they are fine to do most of the talking. On the flip side, if we are spending time with someone who is talkative we are happy to let them lead the conversation.

4. We are more vocal during one-on-one conversations

Ambiverts normally prefer to hang out one-on-one because the conversations are more focused and intimate. We actually get the opportunity to bond and discuss things that really interest us, and we know that the other person is definitely interested and listening to what we are saying.

5. We hate small talk

An ambivert rarely does well with small talk. We try hard to make small talk and chit-chat when it is necessary, but we would much rather get to know you properly. We often feel like small talk is insincere – who really wants to talk about the weather?


6. We love to talk about things that interest us

We are very happy to talk about anything that really interests us – we can talk for hours and hours about the things that we love. However, we won’t bring anything up if it isn’t relevant to the conversation because we don’t want to bring up something that others might find boring.

7. We sometimes look forward to cutting ourselves off from the rest of the world

Sometimes all an ambivert wants is to shut the door and cut themselves off from the rest of the world. We love to spend evenings cooking and watching TV alone, and we think that a weekend spent in bed is a weekend well spent.

8. We like to be alone, but we can get lonely

Ambiverts enjoy being alone for a while but we still rely on other humans for happiness and connections. After a few blissful days inside we start to feel lonely and we want to go out and have fun with our friends. Even if it is just meeting up with a friend for a quick coffee, we want to physically see and interact with our loved ones so that we can feel back in the loop.

9. We can relate to being introverted and extroverted

An ambivert will be called introverted and extroverted by different people at different times. Our friends often disagree on if we are loud or quiet because we act totally differently depending on our mood.

10. We become more introverted in large crowds

An ambivert is likely to become quieter and more withdrawn if they are part of a large crowd. We are not extroverted enough to want to be centre of attention, so we tend to feel nervous which makes us stop talking completely.

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