The Importance of Breaks At Work


While American work laws require all full time employees to take a lunch break during the day, only one in three workers actually step away from their desk to take lunch. Most employees either skip lunch altogether or eat lunch at their desk while working. This isn’t just a violation of the law, it’s also terrible for your productivity and your mental state.

Break laws aren’t just there to make employers take it easy on their workers, they are there for the good of employees. Did you know even a 30 second microbreak can increase your productivity up to 13%? Or that a 15 second break from staring at your computer screen every ten minutes can reduce your fatigue 50%?

If you’re one of those people who refuses to take breaks throughout the day because you don’t want to lose productivity, perhaps this infographic can change your mind by showing that not taking breaks will actually make you far less productive.

breaks at work

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