How to find a good mentor


One of the age old questions in the workplace is, “How do you find a good mentor?” The Goal Setting College weblog gives insight into how to pick a quality and reliable mentor. With the large quantity of leadership and mentoring courses available today, Goal Setting College does a nice job of cutting through the fat to help you identify worthwhile mentors. The article covers the following topics:

  • What constitutes a good mentor?
  • Make yourself a good mentee first
  • List out the things you want to learn
  • Do your research on your potential candidates
  • Approach the people that make you click

I can’t deny the fact that with the abundance of […] mentorship programs or protégé courses nowadays, it has definitely simplified the search for a mentor. It’s really unlike me to be so skeptical, but, are the mentors from such programs genuinely concerned about growing my potential…

How to find a good mentor – [Goal Setting College]

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