Free is my favorite price! There are many different ways to score free e-books for iPads. Some books that have a charge in the iBookstore are available for free elsewhere, so check out the sites below before purchasing anything. Chances are the e-books you want to read are also available to borrow at the local library. Simply download the Overdrive Media Console App, register your library card, and start borrowing! Happy hunting!

1. Project Gutenberg

Many books found here are classics. Books are available for the iPad and iPhone.

2. MobileRead

Books in various genres may be found here. There is no fee to join, and members receive ad-free access.

3. ePubBooks

A great source for classic books, and great for students with required reading lists.

4. Feedbooks

Thousand of books in hundreds of different genres.


Many publishers and authors offer new selections for free for a limited time to promote the work. This is a great site for catching up on what’s new. Amazon also offers a free Kindle for iPad app, so you can access Kindle e-books without a Kindle device.

6. Barnes and Noble

This is also a fantastic source from authors and publishers promoting books. Classic books are also available.

7. Baen

Sci-Fi and Fantasy book lovers can find many books of those genres at this site. Simply download and read to your heart’s content.

8. eReader IQ

Daily iPad freebies are available here.

9. Open Culture

A collection of 500 free e-book classics for the iPad.

10. Free Online Textbooks

Students will love this collection of popular 150 texts available at no cost. Check the site before purchasing anywhere else.

11. Many Books

Popular, classical literature can be found at this site.

12. iPad Books Download

Books on marketing, business insights, and more are available on this site.

13. Harlequin

Romantics can find the perfect romance novels at this site.

14. Gizmo’s Freeware

Chock-full of biographies and autobiographies.

15. Ebooks Free Download

Free comic books abound.

16. Google.books

There are plenty of free books available through Google Books and the Google Play store.

17. Bookyards

Even the most avid bibliophile won’t be able to get enough books from this site.

18. DigiLibraries

Find many books of various genres on this site.


Filled with books specific to professionals, such as engineering and mathematics.

20. GetFreeBooks

Find adventure, inspiration, and more, including free magazines.

Many people are turning from traditional paper-based books to e-readers these days, and though the demand for printed books might be lessening somewhat, folks are certainly not reading any less! 20 Online Resources for Free E-Books

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