Today we are adding another lesson to our new Lifehack Lessons site. We have covered a range of topics including guides for meditation, app creation, exercise, and building your own personal productivity system.

Today, in Lifehack fashion, we are giving you the ultimate guide to a GTD Weekly Review.

You are only as good as your GTD system

In the Getting Things Done system, without a solid weekly review, your productivity will not be at an optimum level. The weekly review is one of the most overlooked aspect of GTD, mostly because it seems to take too much time or may seem “overboard”. The fact is the GTD weekly review is essential to get more done with relaxed control.

In this Lifehack Lesson you will learn how to do one of the most thorough weekly reviews that will boost your productivity and get you one step closer to having a “mind like water”.

How To Do The Ultimate GTD Weekly Review

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