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What to Do During an Armed Robbery

Being in an armed robbery is a very scary experience that no one should have to go through, but if it ever does happen to you it’s important to know what to do. On rare occassions, there have been people held who were able to scare off the robber. Others have used self-defense weapons to protect themselves.

If you have no way to protect yourself, the only choice you have is to cooperate with the armed robber. This infographic shows how to do just that. Most importantly, you have to remain calm and do everything the person demands you do. If you panic or rebel, you could put yourself in danger and get hurt, or even worse.

It’s also important to remember what the armed robber looks like and what he or she touches, so that you can inform the authorities once it’s all over. Not only will they be able to put together a drawing of the robber, but they can hopefully life fingerprints from the items touched.

What to Do During an Armed Robbery Infographic

Everyone should know what to do during an armed robbery, so be sure to share this infographic with your friends and family to help keep them safe.

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