Don't Like The Color Of Your Shirt? Try Pouring Water On It


Now there’s a way to change the color of your shirt without putting on a new one.

The only catch is you may have to get wet.

For a different approach to fun shirts, try SplatterTec. When exposed to dry or wet elements, the clothing changes to a specific color. This can be fun for water balloon fights, backyard barbecues or even at the gym.


Each shirt has a corresponding color that it changes to after exposure. The material is a blend of cotton and polyester with small micro capsules that react to unfamiliar components (sweat, water, oil, etc). It’s simply a fun alternative to your typical tee and would also make a cool present (or prank).The SplatterTec shirt has great wicking capabilities, making it ideal for day hikes in comfortable weather.

Would you wear a SplatterTec shirt?

SplatterTec Shirt by PRISMATIK: Cold-activated color change. | Kickstarter

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