How to be Creative


On the last post we had introduced a good article on how to manage creativity within an organization. There is another article on creativity for the individual level – how to learn to be creative. With vivid writings and funny cartoons, Hugh Macleod from gapingvoid delivered some good information on creativity and 30 ways on how to be creative. Here is a snippet of his article:

… “Creative” is one of those annoying words that means little, simply because it means so many different things to different people. I make no claim to have a better definition of “creative” than anyone else.

The best working definition of creative I have is “When work and play become the same thing”.

When that happens, you’re in flow. When you’re in flow, things are created.

Perhaps there are better definitions of “creative” out there. Does it matter? Not really. What matters is that you find your own definition. You don’t need mine. I don’t need yours…

How to be creative (latest version) – [gapingvoid]

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