Some people out there are legitamate victims of crime or abuse and many of them work to stay strong and positive to avoid thinking and feeling like a victim. In fact, it seems that for every true victim of crime and abuse, there is one person with a victim mentality who has never really been victimized.

To be fair, everyone has had a victim mentality at one point or another, whether it was in lamenting about a bad break up or scorning an ex-boss over the loss of a job, but for some people feeling like a victim is almost a way of life.

The problem is, if you constantly believe yourself to be victimized by someone else’s actions, you will never work to better yourself so you can fall in love again or get a better job. If you find that you are someone who tends to live with a victim mentality though, you can fight it. If you realize that you’re always blaming others rather than accepting respnsiblity, this article on the Positivity Blog can help you learn to accept responsability for your own actions so you can move past the victim mentality.

Original Source – How to Move Away from the Victim Mentality[positivityblog]

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