Dr. Michelle Millis Chappel

I'm a psychology professor-turned rock star who has helped thousands of people create happy meaningful lives by using their superpowers.

Michelle Millis Chappel has a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology from Princeton and was voted “Most Inspirational Professor” at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Despite being called “crazy” by a few colleagues, she ditched academics to follow her childhood dream to be a rock star. Her award-winning tunes have topped overseas and U.S. college radio charts and been featured on ABC, HBO, Encore, and Showtime. She also leads innovation research for companies such as Google, Yahoo, eBay, Yahoo, and ATT. Through her keynote talks, workshops, and coaching programs, Michelle has helped thousands of people discover their unique creative gifts and use these superpowers to reach their true potential and lead happy fulfilled lives. Her book "Awaken Your Superpowers" comes out in 2020. You can find out more about Michelle and sign up for her newsletter at www.michellechappel.com.