Dr. Malachi Thompson III

Dr. Malachi Thompson III is a leading high-performance consultant. He is the CEO of the Thompson Performance Group, a high-performance consulting company. Prior to starting his performance consulting company, he spent more than a decade leading and developing high-performing United States Air Force teams. Today, he works with organizations to take individuals and teams to the next level, to consistently outperform their competitors. His work with organizations focuses on the core elements to do so, including cultivating a winning organizational culture, building high-performing diverse teams, and producing relationship-based performance coaching. He has worked with corporate teams, athletes, government/military leaders, and education organizations. He combines all those experiences, from four different worlds, sport, academia, government/military, and corporate/entrepreneurship, to bring a unique and dynamic perspective that gives you the insights, training, and tools you need to transform your organization into a gold medal magnet. When he is not working you will find him relaxing with his family, reading, playing piano, hiking, and meditating.

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