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Brain Power

How to Memorize More and Faster Than Other People

Written by Jon Negroni
An author and blogger who shares about lifestyle advice
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Have you ever thought about why some people are so good at remembering things? Whether it’s names, places, incidents, or audio notes, they have a natural knack for memorizing things. They even seem to do it faster than others.

This makes one wonder – how to memorize something fast?

Even you can become super-strong at developing a skill that makes your memory stronger than anyone. It’s not that hard! You can follow the steps of the coming sections to help you develop the fastest way to memorize.

However, some people don’t give it a proper shot and then start believing that maybe they are not smart enough. The truth is that they simply didn’t apply themselves enough to memorize faster and be productive.

Almost everyone is blessed with equal memory power, and how you make use of it is where the secret lies. You might wonder, “do I have a strong retention power”? The answer is YES!

There are several steps to help you memorize faster than you need to follow. If you want to know how to memorize faster, here are the steps.

9 Steps to Learn How to Memorize Something Fast

You must always begin from the point you feel most comfortable. One of the prime things to remember before you begin is to know your learning style. Identify if you are a visual, auditory, or experiential learner.


Check this free learning style assessment and find out your learning style first!

If you know that you can grasp things faster through auditory learning, then you must focus on learning through hearing things. Similarly, visual learners can focus more on visuals, and experiential learners must rely on event-based or experience-based learning.

However, if you want to learn how to memorize things fast, it would be best to use a combination of various styles.

If you are not comfortable using them together, then we would dig deep into focusing only on your strengths so that you can learn how to memorize things quickly.

Here are some of the sure-shot ways to help you remember things faster. Peruse these steps to help you learn how to memorize faster:

1. Prepare

The first step to help you realize how to memorize something fast is to prepare yourself mentally. Be cognizant of the fact that you have certain strengths and some weaknesses. Your focus should be on exploiting your strengths by working in a comfortable environment.

Some prefer to work in a quiet place while others memorize faster while in the crowd. Decide which is the most conducive work environment for you, and then start there.


The other thing that probably has helped many people is drinking tea. Studies have shown that green tea is a natural catalyst for improving memory.

Our entire ability to recall information depends on the strength between neurons in our mind, which are connected by synapses. The more you exercise the synapse by effective repetition, the stronger it is. This would aid you with developing skills to memorize faster.

As we get older, our neurons become weaker, and so do the synapses. It leads to memory loss or, in extreme cases, Alzheimer’s. Green tea contains compounds that block this toxicity and keep your brain cells working properly longer.

2. Record What You’re Memorizing

When you try to understand how to memorize something fast, you must keep the information recorded. You can use your mobile phone or a recorder to keep track of all the facts and then listen to them.

If you’re doing something more complicated, like learning a foreign language, it may be useful to make notecards of the new words you’re trying to memorize.

For instance, if you want to memorize a speech, try to record yourself. You can do the recording of your reading and then listen to yourself later. This method is most useful to auditory learners. It is a handy method that will help you get more context from the lecture, and hence you retain things faster.


3. Write Everything Down

I have always found that writing helps us retain loads of information. You can write and rewrite the information to help you with your journey to memorize things faster.

Writing every minute aspect of the things you are trying to remember faster; will help you retain everything accurately.

Such repetition is great for visual learning since they will be able to see and refer back to the written notes and then feed them in their memory.

You can combine your auditory and visual skills and write while listening to the same set of information section.

4. Section Your Notes

Do you react to knowing the secret to how to memorize things faster? Start by making sections of your notes.

You already have a written set of information about the thing that you wish to memorize. Now it’s time to separate them into sections. This method works great with visual learners since they can use various tweaks like using color coding to remember things.

Breaking things down helps you retain more information and remember things faster.

5. Use the Memory Palace Technique

A great way to “section off” information is through the memory palace technique[1].

Visual learners would find this method very useful. However, it can also work as a sort of “experience” for experiential learners, and if you say the path out loud, it can work for auditory learners.


There are various steps in this method. The most basic thing to remember is choosing the place you know well and identifying its most distinctive features. You can then use these features to “store” bits of information you want to remember.

For instance, when you want to memorize lines, you can create a memorable place for each text in a particular room. When you need to recall the information, you will have to go through each room to retrieve the word.

Simply walking through the room would help you pick up each line of text in the correct order. When everything has its place, it’ll be waiting for you to retrieve it.

To learn how to apply the memory palace technique, read this article, which offers details on each step: How to Build a Memory Palace to Remember More of Everything.

6. Apply Repetition to Cumulative Memorization

One of the best ways to learn how to memorize things faster is by applying repetition to cumulative memorization. Try to recall without looking at visuals or using auditory means.

As you memorize each text set, be cumulative by adding the new information to what you’ve just learned. This will keep everything within your short-term memory from waning.


How does this work? It’s actually related to two distinct modes of brain functioning: System 1 and System 2. You can take a look at how these systems work if you want to improve your memory.

You need to keep practicing it until you have memorized that section completely and can easily recall everything. Do not move on to another section until you have memorized that one completely.

7. Teach It to Someone

Studies have shown that teaching information to someone is a surefire way to remember that information as it requires you to retrieve the information from your own memory[2].

There are various methods to do it. You may choose to lecture the information to someone who is near you. If you cannot find anyone to listen to you jabber, simply teach in front of the mirror.

If the information needed to be recalled will have to be spoken publicly, you must practice in front of someone. It will help you get the feel of speaking in front of the audience.

This is experiential learning since you apply and control the concepts you’ve learned.

8. Listen to the Recordings Continuously

This is a no-brainer. You can retain loads of information by using this auditory method. When you get into a rut of listening or doing things, you retain the details.


Just think about how you remember certain songs so easily. If you apply such knowledge repeatedly, you get used to it subconsciously. Just think how easily you drive on the road without needing to refer back to the knowledge of clutch or breaks.

9. Take a Break

The final step is to let yourself enjoy a little break. Breathe and relax!

Don’t think too much about what you learned and what you could not. Just leave it for the time being and come back to it later.

Get out and take a walk while you’re on your break in order to absorb the benefits of being in nature. It would help you realize that you can easily remember staff by focusing on the various sections when you are back.

Try taking a break and see how effective it can be in learning how to memorize something fast.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to learn how to memorize faster or think about the fastest way to memorize things, the above steps would help you with your journey.

Use the above knowledge to crack exam courses or learn a new language and see how easy it can be.

Once you learn how to memorize information faster and more efficiently, you’ll put yourself ahead of the pack of those still struggling to remember and recall necessary information. Get started today!



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