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Last Updated on May 4, 2022

The Horrifying Effects When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

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The Horrifying Effects When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Many of us are guilty of not getting enough sleep each night. Even though there isn’t a “magic number” when it comes to how much sleep we really need, it’s recommended that adults 18 and over get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. You may think that cutting yourself short a few nights here and there won’t hurt, but after seeing the infographic above you may want to think again.

Did you know that sleeping fewer than six hours a night for just one week can be detrimental to your health? In the image below, you can see how sleep deprivation can affect you physically and mentally. You’ll start to look run down and you’ll feel like it too. You’re also more likely to have a stroke, and your risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease increases. Even worse, if sleep deprivation goes on long enough it may ultimately lead to death.


    Skimping on sleep is definitely not worth losing your life. How much sleep do you get each night? Do you agree that continuously sleeping six hours of less each night can cause you to lose your mind and health?

    Here’s A Horrifying Picture of What Sleep Loss Will Do To You | Huffpost

    Featured photo credit: Mert Kahveci via unsplash.com

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