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8 Car Hacks That Are Sure to Come in Handy

Cars often cause more trouble than they’re worth. Not only are they expensive to purchase, but maintaining them will cost you even more money. If you’re a car owner looking to save a little time and money, these 8 car hacks are sure to come in handy for you.

If you live in a place that gets extremely cold, to the point where your locks freeze up, hack number one could do the trick; it illustrates the use of hand sanitizer to de-ice a lock. If you have small scratches on the outside of the car that stick out like sore thumb, hack number three suggests using nail polish to cover them up.

Hack number four could definitely save you some money when it comes to removing dents – all you need is a plunger. Hack six illustrates the use of a common everyday item being used to clean your headlights. Be sure to read through to find out the other four hacks.

8 Car Hacks That Are Sure to Come in Handy Infographic

If you’ve found these tips handy I’m sure others will too, so be sure to share this infographic with your friends. What is your personal favorite car hack?

8 Car Hacks [Infographic] | Defensive Driving

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