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Eight Decision Making Techniques

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Eight Decision Making Techniques

MindTools has introduced eight techniques to help you make the best decision possible with existing information on hand. It help you drop down factors for analysis, work out possible options, and choose the best action possible. These are:

* Selecting the most important changes to make – Pareto Analysis
* Evaluating the relative importance of different options – Paired Comparison Analysis
* Selecting between good options – Grid Analysis
* Choosing between options by projecting likely outcomes – Decision Trees
* Weighing the pros and cons of a decision – PMI
* Analyzing the pressures for and against change – Force Field Analysis
* Looking at a decision from all points of view – Six Thinking Hats
* Seeing whether a change is worth making – Cost/Benefit Analysis

I have been using Pareto Analysis (also known as 80/20 rules), and PMI and they gives good help on certain situation. Six Thinking Hats seems interesting as well.

Decision Making Techniques – [MindTools via 43Folders]

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