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10 Fantastic Artists Pay Tribute to Robin Williams

On August 11, one of the world’s brightest lights was extinguished and hearts were filled with an ache that could only be compared to that of losing a friend. Comedian and actor Robin Williams was a huge part of many of our lives; his sense of humour and energy transpired background, age, and nationality; a feat that few other people can achieve. Although we may never truly know or understand who he was and how he struggled, many of us will always remember his life rather than his death.

And so, in the spirit of remembering Robin’s life, many artists from around the world have created works of art to pay tribute to him. View these wonderful pieces of art below, click them for sources, and stay well.


By Lisa Maltby, England


By Guy Whitby, AKA WorkByKnight (WBK), Australia.


By Joey DiNardo, also available on t-shirts from Red Bubble. All profits donated.


By Seung Kyu Yeo, Republic of Korea.


By Linda Nguyen, AKA Misabeppa, USA.


 By Justine, AKA Foxie Fern, France.


By Emily Stepp, USA


By Carlos Ramirez Jr, USA


By Olivia Odiwe, London

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