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21 Money Making Ideas to Try At Home Now

21 Money Making Ideas to Try At Home Now

Working from home is a widely used term these days. According to The Commonwealth Fund, around 16 million people lost their jobs in the US alone. Other researchers put the number at 20-40 million.[1]

As more people lose their jobs, they are looking for money making ideas that they can do from home. This is why this article is important at such time as this.

Even if you have lost your job, it is important to understand how you can make that extra dollar. A job is never enough to bring financial abundance unless you are the CEO of a blue-chip company.

It is said that the average millionaire has 7 sources of income. This enables them to mitigate risk and make more money. This article will give you 21 money making ideas that you can easily start from home now.

1. Start a Blog

Starting and growing a blog is a good way of making more money every month. It is easy to start and manage. To start one, you need the following:[2]

  • Choose a niche. This is where you decide what you will be writing on and to whom. Choose a niche that is broad enough to create enough content demand.
  • A domain name. This is a name that is unique to your blog. For example, is the domain name here. You can get a domain name for as little as 1 dollar for the first year. Make sure you choose a short and memorable name that is related to your content.
  • A hosting plan. A hosting company stores your website data in their servers and sends it to the browser upon request. Make sure you choose a good hosting company because that will affect the performance of your blog.
  • Design expertise. You need to hire someone to create the blog for you. It is also possible to learn and do it by yourself. Most hosting companies will provide an easy to use website builder. Make sure the website looks professional.
  • Content. Content is king when it comes to blogging. Produce long and high-quality content.

After starting a blog, make sure you monetize it. The easiest way to do this is to use the Google AdSense Program. You can also apply to be an affiliate marketer for various companies. This way, you can start making extra dollars from home.

2. Produce YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are also one of the best money making ideas today. YouTube has over 1.9 billion users every month. Over 500 hours of content is uploaded on the platform every minute.

To make money from YouTube, you need the following:[3]

  • Start a YouTube channel. This is all free. Use your Google account to register.
  • Upload video content regularly. Market your content on social media to gain a following.
  • Have at least 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watched on your channel in the last 12 months.
  • Create a Google AdSense account.
  • Apply for different YouTube monetization features from your account.
  • Submit for review. If you qualify, you will be notified.

Video content is almost catching up with written content. It is worth producing it as we move into the future.


3. Sell eBooks

If you are a good writer, you can make money by selling eBooks online. Produce at least a 10,000 words eBook and upload it on Amazon. You can also set your own eCommerce store. The eCommerce store can be part of your blog.

It is important to understand that writing is easy but marketing your eBook will be hard. For example, there are millions of books on Amazon. To stand out, you have to be a good marketer, not just a good writer.

4. Creating Sponsored Content

Companies pay to get mentioned in relevant pieces of writing. For example, if you have a blog with high traffic, you can approach relevant firms to sponsor your content. This is also important if you are doing an eBook or magazine.

5. Paid Guest Blogging

Some sites pay freelance writers to create content for them. Use platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to connect with potential buyers.

To succeed, make sure you write high-quality content and exceed the expectations of the client. High-quality content is highly practical and actionable.

Do not write about everything. This will dilute your effectiveness. Take several topics and develop unmatched expertise. This will give you a competitive advantage in the market.

6. Renting Space

Many people are making money by renting space in their houses. If you have a big house, you can use Airbnb to rent some rooms for visitors who are on vacation near you.

7. Renting Your Car

You can also have people hire your car for a daily fee. This is a good way of turning a liability into an asset.

People will always hire cars to attend high-end functions. You can charge between 30 and 300 dollars per day depending on the type of car and the location.


8. Online Courses

For experts, this is one of the best money making ideas. Educate people about something valuable and make money. To do this, you need to produce content that guides people into getting a specific high-income skill and then sell it.

Udemy and Skillshare are good platforms to post your content. Set a reasonable fee for your courses and market them. As people enroll, you will start making money passively.

If you can get millions of people to take the courses, you might have to retire early because that income is high enough to sustain you for life.

You can also sell the courses on your website. This is a good long term strategy.

9. Affiliate Marketing

You can start a website specifically for affiliate marketing. This is where you promote other people’s products, refer them to the seller, and get a commission when a successful transaction is made.

This is one of the ways many bloggers make money nowadays. The most common program is Amazon Associate Programs.

10. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where one sells products online without even having physical products. It is just about connecting the buyer and the seller online.

Dropshipping is very convenient because there is no storage cost or actual shipment on your part. You just have to set up a store. This online store should be connected to the seller. When an order is made, the seller will ship the product to the buyer.

Your work is very minimal. You just have to market the products and get as many people as possible to make the purchases.


11. Life Coaching

You can make money by helping people solve their problems. This is what life coaching is about.

To help people solve their problems, you can use The Grow Model.[4]Here is what it means:

  • G- Goals. Help the client generate goals.
  • R- Reality. The client should understand the current reality. This provides the gap between what is being achieved and what should be achieved.
  • O- Options. What options does the client have moving forward? How will the gap be bridged?
  • W- Way forward. Which option will the client select to reach the predetermined goals?

If you can help people get better and happier, they will keep recommending your services to their friends. All of these can be done at home.

12. Become an Influencer

Influencers are paid handsomely to promote commodities. However, you have to have a massive following in the digital space to be considered. For example, if you have 100,000 followers on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you can approach companies to help promote their products.

13. Academic Writing

Academic writing is one of the most famous money making ideas for young graduates. Here, you produce content for academic purposes. This can be writing a report for university research or doing a project for students.

14. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are very famous nowadays. Most people prefer listening rather than reading. You can record a series of informative audio files and have people listen or download.

If your podcast gets thousands of listeners or more, you can get a sponsor. The sponsor will pay you to get mentioned or advertised on your podcasts.

15. Start a Webinar

Webinars are also one of the most common money making ideas around today. This is where you host a seminar online. People can then pay and participate virtually from all over the world.

You can also offer the webinar for free and get sponsors.


16. Paid Online Surveys

Companies love to know what people in their market think about various topics, products, and ideas. This will shape the way they create and market their products.

You can take these online surveys online and get paid. InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and MyPoints are the most famous online survey sites.

17. Sell Old Stuff

You can make money from home by selling some of your old stuff in your house. These can be furniture, electronics, automobiles, etc. Whatever you do not need in your house can be converted into cash.

18. Invest in Dividend-Paying Stocks

This is a good way of making money from home. Just buy stocks of companies that give annual dividends and hold them for the long term. These stocks will bring you money without having to work.

19. Develop Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are widely used. They are very effective because once installed, they will be highly visible on the mobile device. The user will be tempted to open them now and then provided they provide value.

Build an app that provides massive value to people and then work with advertisers to monetize it.

20. Network Marketing

There are many network marketing firms today. Many aggressive marketers are making money by just having people join. As they get more people to join, their networks get bigger. Any time a person in their network makes a transaction, they get paid.

21. Trade Cryptocurrency

You can make money by trading Bitcoin and Etherium from home. As the world evolves, cryptocurrency will become even bigger.

Bottom Line

There you go. You can get an extra source of income by executing any of the 21 money making ideas. They will give you more money to spend and invest.

To become successful in any of them, you need hard work, persistence, and patience. Nothing worth doing is easy. You will encounter many challenges and competitors. If you are not committed, you will not make any mone

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Published on January 8, 2021

How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast: 7 Powerful Tips

How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast: 7 Powerful Tips

Ever wondered whether your credit card debt is the reason you’re in a bad financial situation? You can’t enjoy any fun activities because a good chunk of your money goes toward debt payment. Heck, you’re even behind on some of your monthly bills.

The effects of clumsy debt management are too many to list here. This guide is going to help you discover how to pay off credit card debt fast and start chasing your financial goals.

Debt problems are the last thing anyone wants to encounter. But things can get out of hand when all the “little debts” you take accumulate in interests.

What if you knew some simple and proven ways to be debt-free quickly? Implementing them would mean better financial health for you. It becomes possible to free up cash for your “wants.” These include taking a trip or buying something you’ve always desired. All that while paying your bills on time!

Let’s not wait any longer. Here are 7 powerful tips for paying off credit card debt fast:

1. Pay More Than the Minimum Credit Card Payments

Many people only pay the monthly minimum on their credit cards. Truly, that’s the right amount for staying on good terms with your credit card company. But you need a different approach if you’re looking to achieve financial independence within a short time.[1]

Most of your payments go toward interest costs when you only pay the minimum amount. A substantial sum of your balance remains standing. As a result, it becomes more expensive to eliminate your debts.


You don’t want to wait more than 10 years to get rid of debt while it’s possible to do it sooner. All you have to do is double that $100 minimum payment to $200 or go higher.

The good thing is that minimum credit card payments are affordable in most cases. By paying a higher amount, you reduce your interest costs, lessen your borrowing period, and boost your credit score.

2. Start With High-Interest Credit Card Debt

If you have more than one credit card debt, prioritize putting the extra money toward the ones with the highest interests. This debt pay-off strategy, known as the debt avalanche method, is essential for being debt-free quickly.[2]

First, you need to list down all the credit card debts you have in the order of their interest rates. Next, you choose the one with the highest interest and pay a significant amount toward it each month. It can be an amount twice or even thrice larger than the minimum payment.

At the same time, you make monthly minimum payments on the other debts. Their interest charges won’t be as costly as that of the first debt on your list. You only move on to the next high-interest debt after the first one is gone. Remember that your focus is on the interest rates and not the balances.

3. Revisit Your Budget

Budgeting is useful for tracking your financial moves. Once you create a budget, some tweaks along the way can make it work for you better. One situation that requires you to revisit your budget is when you’re struggling with debts. It might hurt a bit to slash some expenses. But you also don’t want to miss out on achieving financial freedom in the long run.

You can reduce some variable expenses to free up more cash for credit card debt payments. They’re the ones that change from time to time. Some examples are groceries, fuel, and clothing.


Other opportunities for cutting down your spending lie in non-essential expenses. Instead of dining out all the time, you can cook at home more to save money. You can also share some subscriptions with friends and pay a fraction of the cost.

If you’re determined enough, you can eliminate all your unnecessary expenses and focus on paying off your credit card debt first.

4. Avoid Using Your Credit Cards

Do you want to know how to pay off credit card debt with a low income? One simple way is to stop using them. Having your credit cards everywhere you go means that you’ll be more tempted to buy unnecessary stuff. In this case, you spend money that you don’t really own and get deeper into debt.

The quickest fix to stop the debt build-up is spending with cash. You’ll be more aware of everything you can afford at any particular time. If you decide to keep one or two cards to ease the transition, always make wise choices. For instance, only use them when experiencing financial difficulties.

It’s best to categorize your fun activities under “discretionary spending” in your budget. This way, you won’t need more debt to kill your boredom. By halting your credit debt from accumulating, it’s easy to pay down what you already owe and be happy with the progress.

5. Start a Side Hustle to Boost Your Income

You’re probably turning away a lot of money by not monetizing your skills. Everyone has something that they’re good at doing. And you can use that to generate extra income for attacking your credit card debt.

If you look around your neighborhood, you can find several side hustle opportunities. It can be pet sitting, tutoring, or lawn mowing. You can start an online business by offering services such as digital marketing, content creation, and web development. Such skills go in high demand on freelance sites and job boards.


Finding clients on social media is also a good strategy to utilize your skills and make more money. Facebook groups, Quora Spaces, and subreddits are some places to look for side jobs. You only have to join a niche-specific platform, share your services, and respond to any opportunities.

It’s possible to learn a skill, practice it, and earn from it. Use the free resources online or purchase some e-courses to get started.

6. Sell Your Used Items for Extra Cash

Starting a side hustle isn’t the only way to generate extra money. You can turn unwanted items into cash for paying off credit card debt. Whether it’s an old TV, book, or furniture, there is always someone itching to buy your used stuff.

A garage sale, as much as it’s old-fashioned, is perfect for getting your neighbors and passers-by to buy from you. You keep all the money because there are no business permits or taxes involved. While you may not make much cash, it’s better than leaving your stuff to go defunct in your storage.

Other than that, you can sell your used stuff on online marketplaces. Facebook groups are great places to start if you want quick approvals and hence sales. You only have to ensure that your listing follows Facebook’s commerce policies.

When selling any pre-owned items online, ensure they’re in good shape to avoid problems with your buyers.

7. Know When to Seek Help With Your Debt

Asking for help with your credit card debt can be challenging to do. But letting it drown you is a road you don’t want to take. While you may feel embarrassed at first, it’s the best way to get back on track when you run out of options.


There are tons of non-profit credit counseling organizations that can offer you free guidance on how to escape the debt trap. An example is The National Foundation for Credit Counseling. They simply review your finances and help you determine the source of your financial problems. After that, they match you with an actionable debt management solution.[3]

In extreme cases, the debt solution can be:

  • Debt relief – where your debt is partially or wholly forgiven
  • Debt consolidation – taking out one loan to repay others
  • Debt settlement – the creditor forgives a significant portion of your debt
  • Bankruptcy – legal process for seeking relief from some or all your debts

It’s necessary to carefully weigh your options before deciding on the way to go. Find out how it might affect your credit score and any other risks.

Wrapping It Up

Debt is a major setback when you’re trying to prosper in life. Paying off credit card debt is essential if you want to reach your financial goals. That means having more free income, a good credit card score, and even a chance to retire early. You become more productive each day because of the peace in your mind.

So, you now have some tips on how to pay off credit fast. Go ahead and get rid of that good life progress killer!

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