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The Ultimate Workout Routine for Men (Tailored for Different Fitness Level)

The Ultimate Workout Routine for Men (Tailored for Different Fitness Level)

Now is as good a time as any to focus on getting your body into the best shape possible. Whether you want to build muscle or completely transform your body, if you follow the right workout routine for men, you will get exactly what you need.

Finding the right workout routine, however, is tough. In order to progress, you need to find a workout that appeals to you and is feasible based on your abilities.

In this article I’m going to list three workout routines for men to build muscle. Each workout routine is tailored for individuals of different abilities: a beginner routine, an intermediate routine, and an advanced routine.

Beginner Full Body Workout Routine for Men

To start, we’ll be taking a look at a beginner workout routine.

This workout is designed to help you get started, though for those new to health and fitness, it will certainly prove challenging.

Day 1: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Legs, Biceps, Triceps

  • Chest – Barbell Bench Press – 4 sets of 8 reps

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    • Back – Lat-pulldowns – 4 sets of 10 reps

    Supinated Lat Pulldown | Form, Benefits & Variations for Bigger Lats!
      • Shoulders – Seated Dumbbell Press – 4 sets of 10 reps

      Seated DB Shoulder Press GIF | Gfycat
        • Legs – Leg Extensions – 4 sets of 10 reps

        Pull-ups and leg extension: some useful tips to avoid injuires
          • Biceps – Barbell Bicep Curls – 3 sets of 10 reps


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            • Triceps – Triceps Rope Pushdowns – 3 sets of 15 reps

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              Day 2: Legs, Triceps, Biceps, Chest, Back, Shoulder

              • Legs – Leg Press Machine – 4 sets of 8 reps

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                • Triceps – Overhead Bar Extensions – 3 sets of 20 reps

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                  • Biceps – EZ Bar Curls – 4 sets of 10 reps

                  Test yourself: take on EZ-curl-bar biceps challenge
                    • Chest – Machine Chest Press – 4 sets of 10 reps

                    How To Do The Chest Press Machine in 5 Simple Steps - Graduate Fitness
                      • Back – T-Bar Row – 4 sets of 10 reps

                      T-Bar Row
                        • Shoulders – Lateral Raises – 3 sets of 20 reps

                        Buff Dudes Dumbbell Lateral Raises GIF by Buff Dudes | Gfycat

                          Day 3: Shoulders, Back, Chest, Legs, Triceps, Biceps

                          • Shoulders – EZ Bar Upright Rows – 3 sets of 15 reps

                          Traps Exercise EZ Bar Upright Rows #shoulder_workout #traps_workout #traps_workout_gym #traps_exercise … | Full shoulder workout, Shoulder workout, Shoulder routine
                            • Back – Close-Grip Pulldowns – 4 sets of 12 reps

                            Back Exercises - Personal Trainer in Port Melbourne - Nick Hall Body TransformationsPersonal Trainer in Port Melbourne – Nick Hall Body Transformations
                              • Chest – Cable Fly – 4 sets of 10 reps


                              Cable Chest Fly GIF by Gymapp | Gfycat
                                • Legs – Lunges – 3 sets of 10 reps per leg

                                How to Do Forward Lunges Exercise Gif - Flab Fix
                                  • Triceps – Skullcrushers – 3 sets of 15 reps

                                  skull crusher barbell on Make a GIF
                                    • Biceps – Hammer Curls – 3 sets of 12 reps

                                    Top 30 Hammer Curls GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

                                      In addition to these workout routines, you can simply follow Lifehack’s Busy Yet Fit Workout Course to do workout at home easily and reach your fitness goal!

                                      Intermediate Workout Routine for Men

                                      This next workout is ideal for those of you who are advanced enough to challenge yourselves in the gym without going crazy.

                                      This workout routine will help you burn a steady amount of fat without burning yourself out in the process. It is a typical 5 day split that will yield impressive muscle gains.


                                      Day 1: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps





                                      Day 2: Back and Biceps



                                      Day 3: Legs

                                      Quads, Glutes and Hamstrings


                                      Day 4:  Shoulders, chest, and Triceps





                                      Every second week superset bench press and dumbbell flys.
                                      Crossovers: Ultra slow rep timing with 2 second pause and squeeze at the top of the movement.

                                      Day 5: Back and Bis




                                      Advanced Workout Routine For Men

                                      Now it’s time for us to take a look at the more advanced workout routine. This routine will really separate the men from the boys.

                                      It is high intensity, includes a lot of heavy lifting, and you should aim for minimal rest between sets.

                                      Here you will be training for 6 days per week, with just one day of recovery. It may sound brutal, but if you stick with it you will soon be reaping the rewards of an incredible physique.

                                      Day 1: Chest & Back

                                      • Barbell Bench Press – work up to a 5 rep max for the day
                                        • Set 1 at 50% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                        • Set 2 at 60% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                        • Set 3 at 70% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                        • Set 4 at 80% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                        • Set 5 at 90% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                        • Set 6 at 100% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                      • Incline Dumbbell Press – 3 sets of 6-8 reps
                                      • Dips – 3 sets of 6-10 reps
                                      • Pullups – 3 sets of 5-8 reps
                                      • Pendlay Rows – 3 sets of 6-10 reps
                                      • Pulldowns – 3 sets of 6-10 reps

                                      Day 2: Legs

                                      • Squats: work up to a 5 rep max for the day
                                        • Set 1 at 50% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                        • Set 2 at 60% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                        • Set 3 at 70% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                        • Set 4 at 80% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                        • Set 5 at 90% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                        • Set 6 at 100% – 1 set of 5 reps
                                      • Leg Press – 3 sets of 6-10 reps
                                      • Stiff-Legged Deadlift – 5 sets of 5 reps
                                      • Hamstring Curls – 3 sets of 6-8 reps
                                      • Calf-Raise – 5 sets of 10 reps

                                      Day 3: Shoulders & Arms

                                      Day 4: Rest

                                      It’s your rest day. Rest your muscle to prepare for the next round of training.

                                      Day 5: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

                                      Day 6: Back & Biceps

                                      Day 7: Legs

                                      Final Thoughts

                                      So, there you have it, above I have outlined three of the best workout routines for men that you could ever wish for.

                                      Each workout is tough in its own way, but if you stick with it, push through the pain and squeeze out those extra reps at the end, your body will thank you. Plus, you will look better than ever before.

                                      More Fitness Tips

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                                      The Ultimate Workout Routine for Men (Tailored for Different Fitness Level) 5-Day Workout Routine for Women to Get Strong and Toned

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                                      Last Updated on September 16, 2021

                                      9 Simple Cardio/Core Exercises You Can Do At Home

                                      9 Simple Cardio/Core Exercises You Can Do At Home

                                      You want to work out but you don’t always have the time to implement a workout routine into your busy day. Finding time for daily exercise takes discipline and commitment, and often you feel like you need to go for a long run or intense workout at the gym in order to feel a sense of accomplishment.

                                      There are many simple exercises you can do at home in order to improve your strength, agility, and cardio vascular endurance. The problem with some at-home workout routines or quick exercise routines is that you might be doing the wrong kind of exercise.

                                      If you are trying to build upper body strength you don’t need to do squats or calf raises. On the other hand, if you are trying to build lower body strength knocking out a ton of pushups and bench dips isn’t going to help either. Make sure you determine what you want to improve on before you undertake an exercise regimen.
                                      Often people focus too much on upper body and lower body strength when the core of your body needs more attention than any other part. Your core keeps you stable and balanced. I like to think of it as the fulcrum of your body. Without a strong core you probably aren’t going to experience as much strength and stability in your upper and lower body. Mixing in intense cardio is always a good idea as well, and you don’t need to run 10 miles to do it.

                                      Instead of trying to 1,000 pushups per day focus on building your core along with some cardio. I guarantee you will feel stronger and more energetic than you ever have before, and your body will thank you.

                                      Here are 9 great exercises that will improve your cardio and core strength. I have also included a sample workout plan at the end of the article which incorporates all of these exercises, so please read carefully so you know how to perform each exercise properly.

                                      Please consult a medical professional first if you have any injuries or medical conditions to ensure you are able to perform physical activity.

                                      1. Sitting Holds

                                      This is a very simple but effective exercise to burn the core, legs, and arms all at once. Additionally you get to sit down while doing it, so it can’t be that bad!

                                      Sit down in a position with your feet off the ground, straight out in front of you. Hands should be extended out in front as well. You are simply going to hold this position for a given amount of time.


                                      Try not to strain and tighten up your body too much while doing this. This is especially important with the back and neck. If you find yourself straining too much than stop. You can always build on the amount of time you hold this posture.

                                      It is important that you also stay as still as possible throughout the duration of the hold. It is going to get difficult but challenge yourself to remain in the steady position throughout.

                                      2. Burpees

                                      Some people love them. Some people hate them. Even though I do these quite a bit during my summer training, I fall in the latter group. They are very challenging, but in my opinion, there is no better exercise that incorporates complete body training (core, cardio, upper body and lower body strength). You even get a little upper body strength training when you do these, so it is a win-win.

                                      To do a burpee start standing straight up with your feet little more than shoulder width apart. Bring your hands to the ground in between the distance of your legs but slightly in front of your body. When you come down to the ground bend at the hips not at the back. You should bends your knees with your back straight as you bring your hands to the ground.

                                      As soon as your hands are on the ground, you will jump back with your legs, so that you are in a plank position (hands are shoulder width apart aligned with your chest and your back is straight, not hunching towards the ground; legs are straight back and shouldn’t be touching the ground). For an extra challenge add a pushup at this point of the burpee.

                                      After you get into the plank position you immediately bring your legs back up to your hands (like they were before you kicked them back into the push up position). With your knees bent, come up and jump straight up in the air. That is 1 repetition.

                                      3. Mountain Climbers

                                      If climbing mountains isn’t your forte than this will be probably be the closest you get to climbing an actual mountain. This is a great workout for your core, cardio, and lower body.

                                      You are going to start in a plank position. It is important that you keep your core tight and strong the entire time you do this exercise. The tendency during this exercise is for your body to droop towards the ground or be arched towards the sky as you get tired. You want to make an effort to keep your back straight and don’t allow it to come out of the perfect push up position. This can lead to back problems.


                                      From the push up position you alternate your feet up and back towards your stomach. You are trying to knee yourself in the stomach (not literally but for the exercise purpose). When the right knee comes up, the left knee stays back. When the right knee goes back, the left knees comes up towards the stomach. You do this as rapidly as you can. You want a full range of motion so ensure you are bringing your knees up as far as possible and stretching them back as much as possible.

                                      Your hands shouldn’t be too far out in front of you. They should be right around your shoulders. By this, you are also receiving an upper body workout because you are holding the plank position as well as moving your feet as fast as possible.

                                      4. Running High Knees

                                      This is a great cardio exercise that incorporates an intense range of motion from your legs. You can do this exercise running in place or with movement. The goal of this exercise is to get your knees up as high as possible and as quickly as possible. It is beneficial when you stay on your toes and utilize quick movements. As soon as your toe hits the ground you explode back up with your knee.

                                      Use your arms properly when doing this exercise. Similar to running you want to alternate your hand and knee movements. When the right knee goes up, the left arm comes up simultaneously. When the right knee goes down, the left arm goes down. Maintaining an effective arm and leg movement balance will help you get into a rhythm as you speed up and increase the intensity of the exercise.

                                      5. Step Ups

                                      Find something in your house that is solid and won’t move if you step on it. I suggest using a sturdy couch or chair, maybe even a bench if you have one available. If you don’t have anything solid then place a chair against the wall so it won’t move. Make sure the height of the chair or bench is not too high to where you can’t step onto it comfortably.

                                      The goal of this exercise is explosive movements. Again you are focused on a complete range of motion. Step up onto the platform of your choosing with one leg. With the opposite leg you are going to explode it in the air and then step back down onto the ground. If this motion is too difficult than simply step onto the platform with the other leg. Alternate legs and repeat.

                                      Use your arms effectively during this exercise to ensure that you give your arms a solid workout, and to assist you as you explode your legs onto the platform. For example when you put your right leg onto the platform, the left arm is already up in the air. As you explode onto the platform with the left leg, the right arm raises up to boost this movement. The left arm falls to the side.

                                      As you create a dynamic pace, challenge yourself to see how quickly you can alternate feet. This will increase the intensity of the cardio. Stay on your toes and focus on swift movements up and down from the platform.


                                      6. Jumping Jacks

                                      You probably did these when you were a kid. These are a staple for many youth physical education classes. Even though this is a basic exercise it can be quite effective when completed with vigor and you guessed it, full range of motion.

                                      Start standing straight up with your hands at your sides and your legs together. Jump your legs out so that they land wider than shoulder width apart. Simultaneously, your arms should move straight out over your head until your hands meet. It is not imperative that your hands touch over your but it is an effective reference point to ensure you use full range of motion with your arms. Then jump back to the starting point. This is one repetition.

                                      The focus of the exercise is to work both the lower body and the upper body. By jumping the legs to a point that is slightly uncomfortable you are stretching out the hips and gluteus maximus muscles, which are all essential for core strength as well.

                                      The more rapidly you perform this exercise the better cardio results you are going to experience. As is the case with most of these exercises, stay on your toes as much as possible. Try not to land on your heels when jumping out because this will restrict the pace at which you exercise.

                                      7. Towel Knee Bends

                                      This exercise is great for the entire body but it really targets the middle core. You will need a large towel or two small towels for this exercise as well as a slippery surface in which to perform it.

                                      Start out in a plank position with the towel(s) at your feet. Hands should be shoulder width apart underneath your shoulders. Bring both feet up at the same time as far as possible. Then bring your legs back down into the plank position. This is one repetition.

                                      Similar to the mountain climbers, you are attempting to knee yourself in the stomach. You don’t want your knees to come together because this takes away from the isolation of the exercise. Each leg must work on its own to thrust towards the stomach. This range of motion is important because you want to experience the full benefits of the exercise.

                                      Keep your core aligned the entire time you do this exercise. Don’t allow the back to hunch upward or slouch downward. Part of the challenge is holding the plank position coupled with the leg movement.


                                      8. Towel In and Outs

                                      For this exercise you are going to need two small towels, one for each foot. Start out again in the plank position just as the previous exercise. This is a core exercise as well, but it focuses more on external oblique muscles, or the side of your abdominals.

                                      Instead of bringing both feet towards your stomach you are going to extend both feet outward, away from one another. You want to push your legs out as far as possible depending on how flexible you are in the hip region. Try to extend your legs at least shoulder width apart. If you are unable to stretch them that far, than go as far as you can. Then bring your legs back together to the starting plank position. That is one repetition.

                                      As the intensity of this exercise increases and you become tired, there is a tendency to use more legs than core. You want to try to avoid this. Concentrate on using your core to extend your legs back and forth. Do less reps if necessary but make sure this is a core exercise, not merely a lower body exercise.

                                      9. Wall Sit

                                      This title doesn’t leave much for the imagination. You are literally going to sit against the wall. This is a great way to finish your workout. It is primarily a lower body workout but it also integrates some core training.

                                      Sit against the wall with your back straight against the wall. Your feet should be right under your knees. Make sure your knees are not extended over your toes. This can be detrimental and cause knee pain. On the other hand your feet should not be extended too far out underneath your knees because this takes away from experiencing the stretch in your quadriceps and the rest of your legs. You should be sitting in a position with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Arms should be above your head or laterally at your side the entire time. Do not place your hands on your knees.

                                      Your Training Plan

                                      Exercise                               Repetitions/Time                                      Rest
                                      Sitting Hold                           15 seconds-1 minute                                   15 seconds
                                      Burpees                                5-20                                                           30 seconds-1 minute
                                      Mountain Climbers                 5-25 each leg                                              30 seconds-1 minute
                                      Running High Knees               5-15 each leg                                             30 seconds-1 minute
                                      Step Ups                              10-25 each leg                                            30 seconds-1 minute
                                      Towel Knee Bends                 5-20                                                           30 seconds-1 minute
                                      Towel In and Outs                  5-20                                                           30 seconds-1 minute
                                      Wall Sit                                 15 seconds-30 seconds                              30 seconds

                                      These are simply repetition and time estimates for a basic workout plan. I have no idea what your conditioning level is. If you can’t do the allotted repetitions, that is perfectly ok. Figure out how many repetitions you can do but challenge yourself by doing them correctly every time. When you can’t do anymore reps properly, then you are finished with that exercise.

                                      The rest periods are seemingly low and not enough time but in order to improve your cardio on your own it is imperative that you perform highly intensive exercises with shorter recovery times. This will challenge your cardio, help you lose fat, and stress your body in an appropriate manner. If it becomes too intense and you need more time to rest, than take the time you need. You know your body better than anyone else. These are mere guidelines. Eventually as you continue exercising you may notice you need less and less time to recover before the next exercise.


                                      The amount of sets you execute is ultimately your decision. Start out with one set and see how it feels. If you are unable to complete one set of all these exercises, then finish what you are capable of. I think you will observe profound changes in your fitness levels by consistently taking the time to perform these exercises. Good luck and have fun!

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