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5 Hacks for Improving Your Internet Connection

Written by Spencer Mecham
Personal Finance Coach, Digital Marketer
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If you spend a spend a large amount of your day on the internet then you have likely experienced the frustration that can occur when internet speeds suddenly slow down to a crawl. Even worse is when you can no longer get a connection to your modem or router.

Most people simply give up and go get a snack when connectivity issues arise. Often the issues will simply resolve themselves after a short amount of time. However, sometimes you need the internet to work and you need it to work now. Here are a few hacks for getting your internet connection back up to speed in a jiffy.

Move closer

Many people are unaware of how much of an effect simply moving closer to your router can have. Think about if for a minute, however, and it will make sense. Your signal has to go through walls, doors, and perhaps even floors. Each one of these items will slow things down a little bit. Too many of these items and you won’t have a signal at all. Somewhere in between the two and you will get a slow, frustrating signal.

The first thing to do is always step into the room with the router and see if things magically speed up. If they do, it may be time to consider getting a new router.

Router typically run from $100 to nearly $500. For many people a new router simply isn’t an option. Fortunately, many wireless providers will actually rent out a brand new modem or router to their customers for a small fee. If $10 a month sounds better than $300 right now, this might be an option for you. However, this can also prove to be significantly more expensive depending on your situation. You can find a good guide for deciding if renting or just purchasing a new modem will be good for you here.

Turn off the microwave

Yes, you read that right. Many appliances can actually cause significant interference with wireless routers and other network connectors. It is not limited to microwaves either. Cordless phones have been known to have the same effect. If turning off the appliances isn’t possible in your particular situation then at least try to move the router or the computer away from the appliances.


Check your apps

Many people do not realize that there are programs on their computers and phones that are constantly using bandwidth. While you may not have the program open and be activity using it, it will still be using your wireless bandwidth and slowing the internet down for everyone that is using the router.

There are actually programs you can download if this is a significant issue that can manage your apps and make sure those that are most important get the highest priority of bandwidth. For most people, however, it will be easier just to turn off the offending programs.


Another less known fact about routers is that the more connections they have the more likely they are to slow down. This means that if your router is trying to connect to multiple mobile phones, multiple computers, a smart appliance, a printer, and other devices, it will struggle. If your connectivity seems to be struggling then try disconnecting all other devices. Turn off the wifi on your phone, unplug your printer for a moment, and see what happens. This is an easy fix that often works.

Wireless networking is confusing and most people simply expect it to work at any given time. If these fail to fix the issue then it may be time to call your internet provider and let them know that their service is unacceptable.

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