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3 Benefits of Effective Communication in a Relationship

Written by Saminu Abass
Content Writer and Blogger
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No romantic relationship can flourish without effective communication between the couple. Communication is the transmitting, disseminating, and sharing of vital information between two people. Living together as husband and wife (or any romantic partnership) can only work when there is an effective back and forth of information between the two involved. It is not strange that many relationships fail to last long as a result of a fragile foundation caused by shoddy communication. As we always learn, effective communication is the key to a successful relationship.

Powerful listening and communication connects a husband and wife together and intensifies the intimacy that acts as glue to holding any relationship together. Like communication, listening is not as much an innate skill that all people possess, but is more so a skill that individuals must make an effort to learn. If in our daily dealings with our partner, we tend to always talk and not listen, then communication becomes meaningless. Interrupting or talking without listening makes it difficult to hear what your partner is saying, particularly when our feelings, thoughts, and opinions will vary. Effective communication in a relationship makes any romantic relationship easier, sweeter, and more enjoyable for both parties involved. Any relationship that lacks effective communication might experience their share of misunderstandings, frustrations, unhappiness, fighting – and can ultimately lead to the dissolution of the relationship.

There are many reasons why you should pay attention to maintaining effective communication in a relationship. The following three reasons are why learning effective communication can benefit our relationships.

1. It Shows Value

Undoubtedly, listening to another party’s words shows a sign of respect to the speaker. When having a discussion, listening to each other shows that you respect what he or she is saying. Even if we disagree with what’s being said, we still need to admire thoughts and feelings of the individual. With effective communication, it is shows your values to your partner, and your partner sees you as a valuable asset for him or her. On the other hand, if there is lack of effective and flourishing communication among partners, then one partner becomes a liability to the other partner and communication becomes a chore versus something you genuinely enjoy.

2. It Helps Us To Understand

There is a clear difference between communication and effective communication, and that difference lies in the effectiveness. Effective communication makes partners understand each other. The end goal of communication should always be to understand – not to fight, not to dismiss, not to invalidate, but to understand. The moment we tend to understand our partners and listen to them even in times we don’t agree, we can move forward with the situation and take the necessary steps to enhance the relationship. Understanding your partner avoids a lot of things like frequent fighting, frequent abusive words, harsh words to each other, and many more. For women especially, understand your partner without judgement is a good way to get your man committed and enamored with you.[1]

3. It Helps To Be Approachable

In relationships, it can be a good thing to know that someone is actually there to talk to us about anything at all. Effective communication can help others feel comfortable with approaching us any time they need or want to talk about anything that might be bothering them. We are likely to have a more open and healthy romantic relationship if we are approachable to our partners. Many partners live together in a room but they can’t approach each other because the relationship lacks the comfort level that allows for certain subjects to be broached, even if the topic is an uncomfortable one.

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It is very important to focus in on effective communication as a vital tool in building and maintaining your relationship. We want others to respect, understand, and be approachable to us, right? Work on learning to listening and communicating about any and everything. Watch your romantic relationship grow in positive ways because of it.


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