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55 Men’s Fashion Mistakes You Need To Stop Committing

Written by Yohan Michael
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Throughout a man’s growth from boy to man, he learns small lessons on how to look good- even amazing. However, sometimes good taste in style is not a man’s strong point.

Between everything a man does everyday, from school, work, or watching his favorite sports team, it can be hard to keep up with every fashion fad and avoid committing the following fashion crimes. With this in mind, I have compiled an exhaustive list of some of men’s style mistakes that I see a lot of men committing, especially when attempting to transcend to the title of “stylish” or fashionable.

Now before I start, it is important to address the “why” as some of you might be asking yourselves. Why should you invest time and money into improving your appearance? The following are formidable reasons to persuade you. Some might find these to be common sense, but I’m sure most of you will find them eye-awakening:

  • Getting a job is easier when you look good and tidy
  • Giving others a better impression of yourself which helps with making friends and even your potential partner
  • Boosting confidence

These are the simplest reasons for why you should improve your style. Now it’s time for the ultimate list of men’s style mistakes that you should avoid.


55 Fashion Mistakes By Men You Need To Avoid:

1. Wearing worn out and beaten down shoes:

I don’t care how good the other parts of your outfit look like, ultimately, if you fail to wear shoes that are clean and in good shape, then your whole outfit will be a mess.

Solution: Spend the extra cash to buy quality shoes that last a long time.

2. Deep v-necks:

Oh, how much I hate these t-shirts. Please for the sake of your fashion sense, and also humanity, don’t wear these.

3. Reliance on branding:

Brands are not what make up your clothes, so if you are currently proud of simply buying clothes from any brand senseless of style, then you are wasting your precious money.

Solution: Buy clothes based on how they fit, feel, and look, rather than the brand badge they carry.

4. Leather pants, t-shirts and hats:

Any item of clothing that isn’t a leather jacket shouldn’t be leather. Simple as that- especially leather pants! Just buy regular jeans or khaki pants and you will look one hundred times more attractive.

5. Socks with sandals:

It is simply ugly; I don’t have more to say about it. Sandals are meant to be worn with bare feet. If your feet are not parts of your body that you are comfortable showing, then avoid open toe shoes.

6. Wearing sandals all the time:

Sandals were designed to be worn on the beach and to pools. They are seasonal, so don’t make them your everyday wear.

7. Leaving clothes around your house floor:

Leaving clothes lying everywhere in your home will eat away their good condition, so take care of them.

Solution: Hang your clothes in your wardrobe, and fold your t-shirts with other items neatly. This will help maintain their newness.

8. Wearing sunglasses inside:

You might think you look cool and unstoppable, but you are completely wrong. Sunglasses are made for the sun, so please don’t wear them inside. Additionally, they will make you look much less approachable to both men and women than if you had chosen to show your entire face.

9. White jeans:

I used to see these a lot back when I lived in Germany; I believe they are more of a euro-fashion trend. However, if you currently live in the states, then I say STOP.

Solution: When choosing jean colors, choose from the basic and dark colors like black, blue, dark blue, grey etc. They will help make you look classic.

10. Yellow, red, pink, purple… Jeans:

This relates to the above point. Don’t choose bright colors for your jeans; basic colors are enough to make you look sophisticated and attractive.

11. Buying clothes that you think will fit you later on:

It doesn’t matter how much muscle you think you will build in the next year, or how much fat you plan on losing- live in the now! Buy the clothes that fit you, so you don’t mentally torture yourself.

Solution: After accomplishing your goal, reward yourself with buying new clothes.

12. Mother shopping:

Getting a little help from your mom or female friend is okay. However you are a man, and that should mean making your own choices and buying your clothes for yourself.

13. The “I woke up and I don’t care” look:

Wearing the same hoodies, sweatpants, and flip flops you lounge with inside but outside, will do much damage to your appearance. For your sake, don’t go out with the same clothing you wear at home lounging.

14. The visible crack

This is both funny and disgustingly unattractive. Please make sure that your clothing provides full coverage to your behind in order to avoid any unnecessary exposure during times of crouching, or bending.

15. Sagging:

Nobody wants to see the boxers you are wearing everywhere you go out, so please pull up your pants.

16. White socks with black shoes:

They simply don’t match, so avoid this style mistake unless you are trying to moonwalk.

17. Wearing terrible-quality shirts:

You have to invest in yourself to look amazing. Don’t devalue yourself by purchasing poor quality material.

Solution: Spend the extra 10-15$, and buy a quality shirt online or at any respectable store. Buying high quality clothes is actually cheaper when you consider their life time. Sure a 5$ shirt is cheap and affordable, but it will never last! Check out the ultimate guide to t-shirts for expert advice.


18. Wearing wife-beaters:

You are not Carl Johnson (CJ) from GTA San-Andreas, so cut out the act.

19. Wearing over-sized ties:

Don’t let your tie fall beyond your belt line, if you want to avoid looking immature.

20. Extremely long jeans:

Jeans are not meant to be worn in a way where your shoes trap them with every step. If you value your looks, jean quality, and money, avoid buying jeans that are beyond your pant-length.

21. Large pocket jeans:

I don’t understand why these types of jeans were created, perhaps they were originally meant for blue-collared workers who needed the extra space for equipment. Unless you fit that category, do not wear these.

22. Mismatching colors between shoes and belts:

Don’t wear brown belts with black shoes and vice versa.

Solution: Belts and shoes must be the same color, and if you can, match the material too.

23. Decorated and embellished jeans:

You are not a fairy, so avoid the sparkling jeans. In your attempt to be cool, you achieve the opposite when choosing to endorse this style no-no.

24. Humorous pieces:

Don’t be the person who wears a funny shirt just to catch people’s attention. The attention is not usually positive, and you will definitely scare the ladies away.

25. Fur coats:

I have very important advice for these: light a fire and burn the fur coat- or simply avoid spending the money to buy one.

26. Baggy dress shirts:

Dress shirts are meant to fit your body as snugly as possible, while also allowing free movement. Do not buy dress shirts that hang like rectangular boxes on your upper body.

Solution: Buy a smaller size that fits properly. If you suffer from any body disproportions, then get your dress shirts tailored.


27. Tighty-whitey underpants:

Avoid scaring your girlfriend, and purchase yourself quality underwear. A popular brand to help with your underwear choices would be Calvin Klein, however there are plenty of quality brands out there to choose from.

28. Tilted baseball hats:

There is nothing more immature than wearing baseball hats, never mind tilting them to one side in attempt to make yourself look “cooler”.

29. Excessive jewelry:

Unless you’re being featured on a gangster rap music video with Young Thug, please avoid large jewelry and limit the pieces to 1-2 in total.

30. Too much facial grooming:

Unless you are a male model, threading or plucking your eyebrows and giving yourself an overly-groomed or refined appearance will definitely take away from your manhood. You don’t want the ladies to feel like you’re competing with them.

31. Wearing the wrong undershirt with your dress shirt:

Instead of wearing crew neck t-shirts under your dress shirts, opt for a v-neck that will accentuate your dress shirt style. You don’t want a crew neck filling in the gap between your dress shirt and your upper chest.

32. Wearing sport jerseys everywhere you go:

Jerseys are meant to be worn when you are going to a sports game or when you are at home. They aren’t applicable on a daily basis.

33. Wearing clothes that are not appropriate for the climate:

There is no need for you to wear a raincoat when it is 80 degrees outside. The same goes for the cold weather. Adapt your clothing to the climate.

34. Wearing too many colors at once:

Don’t wear yellow jeans, a blue shirt, a red hat and white shoes all at once. Keep the contrast to 2-3 times at most to prevent your attire from looking like a costume.

35. Tucking in t-shirts:

Tucking in your t-shirts will give you the middle-aged father look. For the sake of your style sense, don’t tuck your shirts in.

Solution: Get them tailored or invest some money and buy shirts that fit your body perfectly.

36. Wearing the most ridiculous sunglasses:

You are not competing in a cycling race, are you? So drop those sport shades right now.

Solution: If you want sunglasses, buy quality sunglasses like Ray Bans, Tom Ford, Topman’s… rather than getting cheap immature sunglasses. Sunglasses are just an addition so if you are low on money, I suggest you invest in the other more important pieces of your outfit.


37. Sneakers with dress pants

This makes me cringe every time I see it. I remember back during my high school graduation, a kid wore Jordan’s with his navy suit and graduation coat. As he walked on the stage in front of a 2000+ audience, everyone’s face was like “really?” If you think wearing dress shoes is not cool, then good luck at every job interview you ever hope to attend (Spoiler Alert: you probably won’t get the job).

Solution: Have one or two dress shoes ready when something important, like a job interview, comes up.

38. Popping up your collars:

Again, you are not being featured in a music video, so fold that collar back in its place. It’s that simple.

39. Baggy boxers:

These are usually paired with baggy jeans. Sagging really takes away from your perceived sophistication.

Solution: Don’t buy saggy or baggy boxers.

40. Wearing skinny jeans while overweight:

Wearing skinny jeans while you are overweight will likely attract more attention to the fact, and it will most likely bring down your self-esteem.

Solution: buy yourself a pair of jeans that will flatter your body.

41. Over washing:

Every time an item of clothing is washed, it loses some of its quality and condition.

Solution: Take care of your clothing before it gets dirty, otherwise you will have to wash it, and if that keeps up, the quality of your item deteriorates. Better prevent than cure. Also, only dry clean your suits when they really need it.

42. Wearing jean shorts:

There is nothing more unflattering than jean shorts in my eyes. Unless you are John Cena, opt for a good pair of chino shorts.

43. Flame shirts:

Do not wear t-shirts that have the same flame designs as the t-shirts you wore when you were 12. Avoid these unnecessary designs, and opt for classier prints.

44. Excessive hair product:

Too much hair product will make your hair look unintentionally greasy and over the top.

45. Logos and designer t-shirts:

You don’t work for that brand, so why are you wearing these? Most importantly, why are you spending more money on these than regular, better looking t-shirts?

46. Worn out socks:

Socks are the cheapest items on the market, so don’t wait until yours are in horrible shape.

Solution: Get yourself some new socks; socks don’t have to be from a popular brand, you can buy them for a fair price at any clothing store.


47. Pants that are too short:

If you can clearly see your socks below you dress pants’ hemline, than they are too small for you. Make sure you’re pants fit your leg length.

48. Being fooled by “quality” mall brands:

You may think wearing a popular quality brand logo on your shirt qualifies you into being fashionable and stylish, but you are only ripping yourself off. Some brands are perceived as “quality” even though they are overly-priced, poor quality garments, stamped with cliché branding.

Solution: You are better off choosing attire based on their fit and quality rather than on their popular reputations. You will save money and look better. Learning to differentiate between popular brands and quality brands is a very valuable skill.


49. Cargo shorts:

Never ever wear these. There is no occasion for them to be worn either. Like I said before, substitute cargo and jean shorts with fashionable chino ones.

50. Not tucking in your dress shirts:

Dress shirts- unlike t-shirts- are meant to be tucked. If you really are the type who never tucks anything in, then at least make the shirt shorter, so that it doesn’t hang too low.

51. Blindly following trends:

There is no need to follow trends all the time. Trends fade over time, you don’t want to purchase something that won’t be “in” later.

Solution: Instead of wasting more money on trendy clothes, invest in high quality staple attire first. After that, you can spend money on trendy clothes.

52. Short sleeved shirt with a tie:

I don’t know where this fad originated from, but whoever started it should be ashamed.

53. Square toe shoes:

These types of shoes were never acceptable. They will completely destroy your fashion sense. They are big, awkward and outdated, so do not wear them. Just the same, do not opt for shoes that are overly pointed, or that have the potential of making you look like an elf.

54. Not ironing your dress shirt:

You should always take the time to iron your dress shirt. Don’t wear dress shirts that have been squashed or wrinkled. It only takes 10-15 minutes to iron, and your shirt will make you look 100% more stylish.

55. Stained clothes:

Don’t ever go out with a stain and expect people not to notice it. I know what you were thinking when you decided to wear that stained shirt. “No. The stain is too small, people won’t know that it is there.” I am here to ask you, why are you taking that chance? Trust me, most people will notice.

Solution: Wash the item and get the stain off; stop wearing the item in public and get yourself new attire if you are unable to do this. This tip is straight forward, but nonetheless, a good reminder.


What Next?

If you want to take your fashion sense to the next level, then just knowing what to avoid is not enough; you must also know what to wear to look great. If you want more, check out the author bio below and be sure to check out Yohan’s other excellent articles.

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