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8 Essential Stretches To Relieve Your Tight Hips

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Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, driver or desk-bound at work, you’ve likely experienced the symptoms of tight hips, which can snowball into other health issues. Luckily, there are stretches for tight hips that can help.


Tight hips are caused by shortened hip flexors from sitting for long periods of time doing the following:

  • Sitting at a desk
  • Sitting in a vehicle
  • Riding long distances on a bicycle or motorcycle


  • Your feet naturally turn out
  • The outside or front of your thighs aches or burn
  • You experience knee pain

Negative Effects 

  • You endure back pain
  • Your posture suffers
  • Your shins burn after exercising
  • Your feet ache
  • Your entire body feels tight

Tips For Stretches For Tight Hips

hip stretches

    via PopSugar

    Happy Baby – Try not to tense your shoulders or chest.

    Extended Wide Squat – Toll up a towel or a yoga mat and place it under your heels if they do not touch the ground.

    Open Lizard – Keep your arms straight and for a deeper stretch, lean forward.

    Wide-Legged Split – Protect your knees by keeping your feet flat on the ground.

    Butterfly – For a more intense stretch, extend your arms in front of you.

    Head to Knee – Avoid rounding your back.

    Pigeon – Keep the extended leg’s hip pointing downward.

    Double Pigeon – Intensify this stretch by walking your hands out in front of you.

    With half of U.S. workers sitting for more than six hours a day, tight hip flexors is a common problem, but these 8 stretches for tight hips should help.

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