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5 Quick Ways to Dry Your Nail Polish

Written by Felix H.
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    1. Use thinner coats of polish.

    Paint three or more very thin coats of polish, and allowing 3 minutes between each coat, instead of only one or two thick coats of polish. The total time will be less than the long waiting period with thick coats.

    2. Stick your hands in the freezer.

    Cool temperatures will fasten the drying of your nail polish. When you finish painting your nails, stick your hands in the freezer for a few minutes.

    3. Use your hair dryer.

    Adjust your hair dryer to the coolest setting, and blast your nails with the cold air. Using warm or hot air will soften the polish and keep it from drying.

    4. Use ice water.

    The same way freezer works to freeze your nail polish dry. Submerge your nails in the water with ice cubes for 2-3 minutes when you finish painting your nails.

    5. Add a fast-drying top coat.

    Finish off your nail polish with a fast-drying clear topcoat. Not only will it help the polish to cure faster, but also will protect your polish longer from chipping.

    via wikihow.com
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