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14 Reasons Why Dads Shouldn’t Be Left With Kids Alone

As a kid, I loved hanging out with dad.

Don’t get me wrong, chilling with mom was awesome. I would learn new things, get exercise and buy cute clothes!

But dad… simply took it to the next level. It will be an adventure every time. 

1. Bath Time Is On Another Level

2. The whole reason why you would want to be a dad in the first place

3. That Is Commitment


4. Road Rage Much?

5. This is not what mom meant by “Go play catch.”

6. Everybody poops, even Barbie…

7. “She Said She Wanted Ice Cream!

8. Just Lie On The Ground For One Sec…

9. Nature Vs. Nurture At Work

10. Hair Cuts Are Way Too Expensive

11. A good movie choice for a father-daughter date?

12. Never Gets Old


13. Dress Up Time Is Epic

14. They Take Them Drifting

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