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12 Hacks That Make Parenting A Breeze

Written by Lordy
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Parents all over the world often moan that babies don’t come with a manual. But thanks to internet, clever parents everywhere have come up with some genius ideas to make life with small kids just a little bit more simple.

1. Satisfy their scribble cravings whilst buying yourself some couch time


    2. Use trash bags to line your diaper pail


      3. Clean up kid crumbs easily


        4. Sick of kid mess in your car? Try this hack for a mess-less ride


          5. The perfect solution for a baby that likes to go all Houdini on their diaper.


            6. Use an old lotion bottle to make the tap reachable to little hands


              7. Turn an old DVD case into a portable art kit


                8. Administer medications with this ingenious idea


                  9. Make frozen “pacifiers” to help soothe your teething baby’s gums


                    10. Use a barrette to tighten up loose straps


                      11. Trace your little ones’ feet so you don’t need to take them shoe shopping with you


                        12. Bathe your kiddo in a laundry basket so their toys don’t float away


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