Linkedin means business. That’s why your LinkedIn profile is the most important business tool, ever.

That said, if you want to super charge your career or business, you must create a killer LinkedIn profile. Let’s do that. But first, look at this crucial info: You have to stick with three elements — Network, Relevant Content and Consistency — then you can create your killer profile.

Network. Utilize your real life network to expand your social-media platform. Every time I start using a new social media platform, I call family and friends, ask them to connect with my profile. Your closest network cares about you. They genuinely want you to succeed, so they’ll be your most passionate hype crowd. Engage them, and you can start building a firm foundation to connect with new people.

Relevant Content. Most LinkedIn users want to further their careers. Turn your LinkedIn profile into a resource for your network. Give away engaging, and interesting content they can utilize. e.g. career tips, or business insights relevant to them.

Consistency. Have a steady flow of informative posts so people would have a reason to keep coming back to your profile.

Consume this infographic by, designed by Melonie Dodaro, and I assure you, pretty soon you’ll have a killer LinkedIn profile.

linkedin profile

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