Who is Spying on You? And How to Stop Them


With all the news about the NSA’s internet spying program, the general public is becoming increasingly concerned about their online privacy. So do you know who might be spying on you this very minute and what you can do to stop them? This infographic can help you with both.

So aside from your country’s government (the number of governments who don’t spy on their citizens electronically is becoming increasingly smaller every year), you very well could also be getting spied on by hackers, your boss, your isp, adware, malware and more. Really, there are a whole lot of people eager to look at your activity online.

When it comes to protecting yourself, each threat generally requires its own solution. Adware and malware can be stopped with a good anti-virus software. Using a virtual private network (VPN) can shield you from your isp and hackers. Also, putting less personal information online can help reduce your risk from anyone who might be spying on you.



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