GameStick is a Portable TV Game Console Powered by Android


Mobile devices support thousands of games, making it easy to carry your favorite games with you anywhere you go. However, what if you want to play those games on the big screen instead of your small mobile screen? Sure you may be able to stream your device to your TV, but it would be hard to control the game from your device while looking at the TV. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had your own portable TV game console and controller that you could take with you wherever you go?

That’s the gist of GameStick, a new TV game console that lets you play Android games on your TV. It works from a single HDMI stick – just 3″ long. To use it, all you have to do is insert it into any HDMI supported TV, connect the Bluetooth controller and start playing. GameStick even supports multi-player gaming; you can connect up to 4 controllers to the HDMI Console.

GameStick - Android Games on the Big Screen

There aren’t any messy wires to worry about and setup is meant to be quick and simple. In a nutshell, GameStick is a portable TV game console that lets you play Android games on the big screen and fits in your pocket. Once plugged into your TV, you can browse the storefront and choose from hundreds of games. Gaming on-the-go couldn’t be easier.

Would you rather play your favorite Android game on your mobile phone or on a TV?

The World’s Most Portable TV Games Console | GameStick

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