Create A Cubicle Door

cubedoor cubicle door

I’ve never worked in a cubicle, so please excuse my ignorance on the subject. There’s a site that manufactures cubicle doors called CubeDoors.

It’s a retractable screen that you stretch over the opening of your cubicle much like a sideways projector screen. Not a bad idea, I thought.

Having an indicator to when you are not available is pretty important. Especially when you don’t have any doors! Closing things up could make more sure that you’ll have your own time and space to get down to work.

However, aren’t there some simpler ways to do this?

I was going to suggest a simple railing and a curtain, but I realized cubicles aren’t that high. I guess just a sheet pinned at the corners could work.

Are there any good ways to close off your cubicle? Or will you always be open to interruptions?

It’s Opaque! – [Cubedoors]

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