A Photo Series That Captures A Range Of Human Emotions



Mike Larremore, a Denver-based photographer, has created a series of photographs entitled ‘Faceboard Project’ in which he captures a range of human emotions. Larremore has taken 16 photos of the individual, each conveying a different emotion, with no clothes or props to distract from their faces.

This project is particularly impressive as it shows us the incredible ways our faces can express exactly how we feel, as well as the immense range of emotions the human experience puts us through.

Now, I searched around the web (read: searched about two websites because I really wanted to do this experiment) but I couldn’t find an exact list of which emotions are being conveyed in each frame. So, I’d like to know which emotions you can see: leave a comment and we can see if everyone sees the same expressions.


Faceboard Project | Mike Larremore

Featured photo credit: Faceboard Project | Mike Larremore via

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