Hobbies define your innate character in more ways than you can imagine. However, a look into the unique hobbies of famous people can lend us a sneak peek into their minds.

Some of the most successful people have rather surprising hobbies. Ryan Gosling enjoys knitting and so does Meryl Streep. However, is it even remotely possible that the two top reigning Hollywood stars would get together for a round in their spare time? We think not! David Beckham, the ace footballer is not just famous for bending the ball but also fencing with his buddies like Tom Cruise. It is also awe-inspiring to learn that the famous Mark Twain was also interested in fashion and is responsible for suspenders!

Get a closer look into the unique hobbies of 48 successful people compiled by Mental Floss.

Featured photo credit: Mental Floss via goo.gl

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