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Why the Sister-Sister Relationship Is Always Love-Hate

A sister-sister relationship is special in many ways. Few people will understand your childhood and the things you’ve gone through better than a sibling. When it comes to sisters, though, we constantly oscillate between loving and hating one another. Your sister will likely be with you for some of your best memories in life, but also have a special knack for getting under your skin. And she’ll say the same about you. You might be fighting like cats and dogs or acting like best friends, but the sister-sister relationship is never boring.

You borrow things from your sister…

What’s better than always having an extra closet to look through? Having a sister means you double the clothes to pick from (as long as you share similar styles).

…but she always steals your clothes.

On the other hand, your sister is more than likely to steal your things without asking, and possibly never return them.

You’ll always have someone to vent to…

Having a sister is an incredible way to vent your social and romantic troubles. Your sister always seems to have experienced something similar.

…but sometimes she’ll spill the beans.

Unfortunately, many sisters have been known to share certain people’s secrets. (I.e., yours.)

You get each other in ways no one else can…

Growing up in the same house with similar situations means that you and your sister understand each other better than almost anyone else. It’s truly a special relationship, one that you likely won’t experience elsewhere.

…but people always expect the two of you to be the same person.

At the same time, because people see you together so much, many of them expect the two of you to be the same. Not only that, teachers, friends, and others will undoubtedly expect you to have the exact same traits as your sister.

You always have someone to get advice from…

Having a sister around is the perfect sounding board when you need advice.

…but sometimes you get advice you didn’t ask for.

Unfortunately, that same source of wisdom likes to give advice even when you’re not in the mood or don’t want to hear it.

You have a partner in crime…

Having a sister is great because you have someone to go to when you need to pull off a scheme. Last-minute Halloween costumes, forgotten projects, or toilet-papering an ex-boyfriend’s house are all game.

…but sometimes she’ll blow you off.

That is, if she’s home. If you’re the less popular sister, your sister will sometimes blow you off for her friends.

You have someone to cover your weak spots…

Sisters are great because they’re willing to help you out in ways you’re not skilled. Whether that’s homework, your social life, or any other concern, they’ve got your back.

…but sometimes they’ll steal the spotlight.

However, having a sister with things to teach you means she is also likely quite talented. Just as people expect you to be the same, sometimes it can be difficult to avoid being caught your sister’s shadow.

You always have more makeup and hair products at your disposal…

Just like having another closet to pick through, having a sister also means having extra makeup and beauty tools at your fingertips.

…but sometimes there’s not enough room in the bathroom to breathe.

If your sister is really into beauty tools, you might find that sometimes the bathroom doesn’t have enough space to brush your teeth in.

You have someone to help you with your social life…

Sisters are also great tools for your social life. Whether you need someone to give you advice, or simply an excuse to get you out of an unwanted commitment, sisters will usually come to the rescue.

…but it’s not fun if you’re the less popular one.

If your sisters are more popular than you, it can be difficult to struggle socially while watching your sister have it all.

You always have someone who understands why that time of the month sucks…

Another serious positive to having a sister is someone to commiserate over your monthly visits.

…and someone to fight with when you’re both in a bad mood (at that time of the month).

With lady troubles come hormonal problems, and it can be easy to get really catty with each other when both of you are on different sides of your cycle.

You always have someone to borrow female protection from…

Sisters are also there to bail you out when you need feminine protection. Whenever you are out and about, but don’t want to ask someone you’re with, a sister always bail you out.

…but she also might use the last tampon without getting more.

Similarly, sisters are known to take the last tampon from the bathroom without asking Mom to buy more.

You have someone to shop with…

Sisters can be an incredible shopping partner, especially when you share similar styles.

…unless she looks better in everything you try on.

It is slightly frustrating, though, if you go to the mall and everything looks better on your sister.

You can have a sleepover with someone every night…

Sisters are also a lovely part of life when you’re young and get to share a room. Sharing toys and a bunk bed can make it feel like a sleepover every night.

…until you’re old enough to need your space.

Then your shared room becomes an estrogen-packed prison.

You’re adorable in matching outfits when you’re little…

And the pictures will make your future significant others melt.

…but when you’re teenagers you could kill each other for showing up to breakfast in the same outfit.

Especially as teenagers, sisters stubbornly commit to their outfits. Especially when you show up in the same thing, it can be frustrating.

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