What Works For Others Won't Always Work For You


Whether in business, love, school or any other area of our life, at one point we’ve all tried to copy the success of someone else only to end up wondering, “why didn’t that work for me?” So why is it that something that has proved so successful for someone else doesn’t work for you just as well? Well, that’s precisely what Jeff Goins explores in this fascinating article.

The biggest lesson he has learned through promoting his own ebooks is that when developing a plan that will work for you, you need to evaluate the plan you’re imitating and then question “why” each factor in there is there. If you can’t say why something is in your plan for success, then it’s unlikely to actually work for you.

Though Jeff’s article is oriented specifically towards writers, the lessons he provides are useful for those looking to succeed in any arena.

Original source – Goinswriter

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