In America, it’s traditional for brides to wear white and those who are grieving to wear black, but in India, it’s common for brides to wear red and those who are mourning to wear white. That’s because different color meanings vary around the world.

Understanding color meanings from different cultures and religions can be useful because it can help prevent misunderstandings and insults among those who might not share the same belief system. But it’s always important to show respect -especially in situations like weddings and funerals where your appearance can drastically affect the way others around you feel. Remember, you probably wouldn’t want someone wearing a clown costume to your mother’s funeral and you wouldn’t want to appear that way to someone from another culture.

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We are constantly influenced by color, as primary and secondary hues create a color wheel that can stimulate our senses, alert us to danger, remind us of our favorite brands and even shape our mood. How to Pick the Perfect Color for Any Purpose


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