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43 Truths About People, Relationships, And The Rollercoaster Of Life

Life, with its many twists and turns, cannot be compared to any other solitary thing. Life is too deep, wide, strange, evocative, breathtaking, challenging, and remarkable to be like anything that exists inside it.

During times of joy, it is easy to see the upsides of life. We celebrate as an infusion of fresh life and energy is added to our sphere of existence. Graduating school, obtaining a new job, getting married, finding an amazing new group of friends, moving to a new town, getting promoted, and completing a massive passion project are some of the important events we may experience in life. Life is certainly a gift — the greatest gift of all.

However, if we’re being honest with ourselves, there are just as many heartbreaking and motivation-weakening moments in life as there are good times. At least, the hard moments hit us as strongly as the great ones do. It can be hard to bounce back from a defeat, loss, or betrayal, even for the most resilient of individuals.

Life gets ugly sometimes. Life can be painful — extremely painful, even. We lose things we never thought would disappear. We encounter obstacles we never imagined would stand in our way. We walk away from agonizing conversations we never thought we’d have to be a part of.

Life becomes a battle. It’s a daily choice between good and better, action and laziness, clarity and confusion, hope and hopelessness. We don’t always know if we’re going to make it out, or how far we’ll get at all. We lean on our most trusted of friends and family to provide what strength they can for us, and we swear to ourselves we’ll repay them with goodness when our time comes.

We press on into the unknown, giving uncertainties our best shot and taking action with what we’ve been given. Life is about finding honest ways to triumph over our struggles, and sharing that beauty with others. Here are 43 quotes and truths about people, relationships and the rollercoaster of life.

1. Be A Voice

2. Don’t Be Afraid Of Being Different

3. Courage Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Get Afraid

4. Loving People For Who They Are

5. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

6. Some Walks You Have To Take Alone

7. If Life Can Remove A Loved One…

8. Knowing Your Own Darkness

9. Being You

10. Sensitivity

11. Integrity

12. Be Somebody

13. Be Strong

14. The Best Kind Of Love

15. You Are Always Responsible For How You Act

16. You Do Not Find The Happy Life

17. There’s No Need To Be Perfect

18. The Most Desired Gift Of Love

19. Sometimes It’s Hard To Do This

20. Respect Is Earned

21. Everything In Life Is Easier When You Do This

22. Your Life Only Gets Better When You Do This

23. Don’t Find Someone That’s Perfect

24. Never Sacrifice These Three Things

25. Pick Your Battles

26. Life Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

27. A Strong Woman Does This

28. We All Make Time For These Things In Life

29. Don’t Fear Your Enemies

30. People Will Judge You By Your Actions

31. This Is The Greatest Cruelty

32. Time Decides Who You Meet In Your Life

33. I’m Stronger Because I Had To Be

34. Not Everyone Thinks The Way You Think

35. If You Want Something You Never Had…

36. Pick Your Five Favorite Books

37. Sometimes You’ve Got To Be Able To Listen To Yourself

38. Change Your Own Circumstances

39. 3 Types Of People To Surround Yourself With

40. Knowledge Is Power

41. Presence Over Presents

42. Self Love Takes Dedication And Determination

43. Persistence Is A Virtue

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