Tim Castle

Bestselling Author, Coach and Co-Founder of My Book Habit

My motto is 'believe it is possible'. In March 2020 my second book Be The Lion won Finalist at the Business Book Awards and was recognised as one of the most impactful books in the Personal Development and Wellbeing space. Amongst being an Author on Self-Mastery, Improvement and Success both in the business and personal context, I am also an inventor at heart and am involved with a number of entrepreneurial ventures in the health and wellbeing space. I have a background in Psychology and have worked in the field of Business Development, Sales Leadership and Negotiation for the past decade building businesses across 3 continents. It is my mission to help others go after their really big goals and become the best version of themselves. My 4C's framework outlined in Be The Lion cover this in detail. If you wish to find out more please visit my website.