Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is the Founder and Dating Coach for Introverted Men at Introverted Alpha | | At Introverted Alpha, we help smart introverted men attract women naturally by bringing out their unique best. The men we work with are kind-hearted, growth-oriented, and analytical by nature. Some of our clients are inexperienced with women in general, and others have been in long-term relationships or divorced and want to be thoughtful about their next chapter. | | Through our free material in our blog, ebook, email training series, and especially our coaching programs; we help our men attract women naturally and become benevolent badasses, using their power for good, not only for themselves but for others as well. We help them see what is specifically attractive about them so they can draw that out for everyone to enjoy! | | The great thing about bringing out the attractiveness that’s already in there is nothing needs to be manufactured! Nothing needs to be copied, memorized, or canned. Rather, there are gentle processes, frameworks, and steps that specifically draw out what is genuine and wonderful in each of our clients so they can showcase that effortlessly to the right women for them. | | As they develop and shine more and more, it’s not only their dating lives that take off! They get promotions at work, they start doing more things they love like hiking or cooking or organizing get-togethers. Many of our clients say they now feel more like themselves than they ever have.

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