Marcin Gil

Marcin Gil, says "Everything in human creation starts with a thought. The good and the bad knowledge is collection of thoughts. The good and the bad life is collection of thoughts, too. I have the constant thought of delivering value and significance, to me and to others. And it works awesome! How? By using each of the three life’s phenomena separately." Marcin Gil is yoga philosopher and founder of Gil Teachings. Marcin’s tough childhood evoke in him deep interest for exploring life and its mysteries. As a child he was wishing to save someone else’s life. On a hot summer day in 1996 when he was 20, it happened. He saved the life of a young boy who fell deep into a canal not far away from his house. Marcin, with the help of an older man, took the unconscious boy’s body whose face was fully covered with blood, put him into his car and rushed straight to the hospital emergency room where the boy was saved. This experience made him realize that love must be the bond between people, and that people co-exist to support and help each other. In 2000, he began practicing yoga and studying the philosophy of mind. Always interested in other people’s stories and problems, he concluded that struggle and sorrow are self-created and more importantly misunderstood. Hence he developed three psychological tools that enabled him to face and deal with struggle and sorrow effectively, saying: "If you want to live a successful and meaningful life, you have to understand that all of your problems and sorrow arise within yourself. Be realistic. Carefully listen to others regardless what you think of them, then carefully listen to yourself and consciously watch your reactions. This will enable you to find two things: 1) all your mistakes and 2) all the solutions for anything in life." Today, after more than two-decades of extensive self-inquiry, many years of social isolation and spiritual practice he comes out to the world to share the gems of that wisdom. Through his direct teachings in seminars, workshops and retreats, Marcin helps people experience immediate success and achieve physical, mental and spiritual health. Outside of his work Marcin uses his seven languages and broad travel experience to connect with people, explore their cultures and mentalities, and listen to their deepest life interests with the purpose: to further contribute, to grow and to laugh together. He says "Laugh and you’re healing." More about his work and his vision, visit Marcin’s website, blog or read his book “About the Power of Breath – A message from the Life Force” on

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