Dana Lam

Growing up in Cottonwood, Arizona Dana dreamed of the big city. While her small town roots ground her, since leaving rural Arizona she has traveled to more than 30 Countries and is always planning her next trip to feed her wanderlust. The Surprise Date Challenge was created to invoke creativity and inspiration in love and relationships by turning the commonplace into extraordinary. Too often, people find themselves in a familiar rut of doing the same mundane activities and searching for that elusive spark that keeps relationships fresh and vibrant. The Surprise Date Challenge is committed to sharing activities and events that ignite the spark, eliminate the mundane, and add adventure, love, and purpose to relationships, whether they are new or 20 years strong. “The Surprise Date Challenge: Be the Happiest Couple You Know” – Book Rooted in mystery and adventure, the book is a guide to planning surprise dates over the course of three months. Written by Surprise Date Challenge owners and real life couple Dana Lam and Martin Kupper, the 82-page publication is filled with challenge steps to help the planner move from intention to action. The 12 months of surprise date ideas includes a proclamation at the end of the book to commit to the challenge. In the book, Lam and Kupper detail why date activities are essential for relationships through discussing their unique path to discovering and cultivating the concept. Couples who have accomplished the challenge themselves also disclose how it has influenced their relationship. The Surprise Date Challenge is intended to inspire couples at all stages to put love at the forefront. For more information go to www.SurpriseDateChallenge.com

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