Amanpreet Singh

Aman was once down in life with negativity, unhappiness arising out of emotional complexities. He didn’t discuss it with anyone because he didn't know how to express. It broke him from inside. Eventually, he fell prey to a sensitive mental illness- Depression. He was under the medication for 5 long years. It might have continued but life had other plans. He got infected with jaundice, and the liver at that time does not permit taking those pills. He stopped but had to bear the severe side effects of discontinuing the medicines suddenly. But gradually, jaundice turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He felt better as the side-effects eased and eventually one morning he felt different. It was the freshness he had not experienced in a long time. That day, he realized the difference between the two mind states (tired mind because of antidepressants and a fresh mind after quitting the pills). He never took those pills again. He searched for options to stay happy naturally, not the ones offering momentary happiness. He struggled a lot until he came across Meditation. Like many, he thought it is a waste of time initially but thought of giving it a few more tries. And one morning, he experienced something, a feeling which he had never felt before- the positiveness, the euphoria, the happiness, the awareness. It was the beginning of his self-exploration journey. He realized the foremost purpose of life is happiness. He started expressing his feelings in the diary and pen gifted by his wife back in 2016. It was the dawn of his blogging journey. Because soon, writing turned into his passion and he started his blog Happy Realization. All his articles are his heartfelt practical realizations, the way he knows life thus far. Neither he is a preacher nor a psychologist. He is just a common man filled with emotions. And he loves expressing his experiences which he calls his Happy Realizations. He feels blessed to be able to harmonize a link which brings a positive change in many lives.

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