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4 Chrome Extensions To Protect Online Privacy

Google’s Chrome browser has many powerful extensions to enhance and secure your browsing experience. If Chrome is your default browser, you should install the following four extensions to protect your online privacy:



Disconnect curates and blocks third-party resources involved in tracking user’s browsing activities across multiple sites and web apps. As the redundant resources are blocked, web pages load faster. It also visualizes the blocked tracking resources, and hence saved time & bandwidth.

Do Not Track for Chrome

Do not track

Do-Not-Track is an opt-out mechanism which lets users set their own preferences. Although Chrome has built-in settings to enable or disable the Do-Not-Track HTTP header, you can install this tiny extension to enable it quickly without messing up the browser settings. Sadly, the Do-Not-Track preferences are ignored by many big companies including Google and Facebook.

Keep My Opt-Outs

Keep My Opt-Outs

This extension has been developed and maintained by Google, and enables users to opt-out of personalized advertising and behavioral data tracking. It is probably the best way to opt out of online behavioral advertising methods used by many companies, which show advertisements on the basis of user’s browsing and search history.

Don’t Track Me Google

Don't track me Google

Whenever you search and click any result link on Google, your click is recorded by Google for measuring link conversion, and may be for other undisclosed statistics. This small but quite useful extension, Don’t Track Me Google, removes Google’s tracking URLs and hides the referral information.

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