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Best Gift Ideas For People Who Want To Boost Productivity

Best Gift Ideas For People Who Want To Boost Productivity

Christmas is upon us once again and for many, people are scrambling around to come up with gift ideas. But one of the most challenging people out there oddly enough is those individuals who value productivity over everything else. That or they want gifts that they can use in a practical sense.

As straightforward as those people are, sometimes finding the right gadgets or gifts can be difficult. We understand that and so we’ve put together a short guide on what to give to these individuals. For this guide, we’ve divided up the gifts into sections, suggesting possible gifts that boost productivity but are also for people who value a specific kind of productivity.

Whether these people want to be punctual, to those making the most out of their work, we think you’ll find a gift that they’ll enjoy below.

For People Who Want to Stay on Top of Their Schedule

Staying on top of one’s schedule is a top priority for any productive person, but there are many who lean further into this. Some believe that it comes to making the most of their time and having a very busy schedule. While a scheduler is alright as they have a better structure and control over their day, great productivity gifts for these kinds of people ought to offer more to the user.

1. Hotcinfin Planner

    Our first suggestion is the Hotconfin 2021-2022 planner. While it is a scheduler, there is a lot more that it offers to individuals. It has individual tabs that cover all kinds of productivity things such as your goals, reminders, to-dos, and to relax.

    And while people can certainly be using their phone rather than this, a productive individual should know we’ve grown numb to our phone’s reminders. It’s not out of the question for a productive person to see a phone notification and delete it before immediately forgetting about it. When you write things down, not only does it help with your writing, but it tends to stick more.

    Buy Hotcinfin planner here.

    2. Elite Weekly Planner

      As mentioned above, physical planners have a way of making us remember important things in our life. While the one suggested above covers a number of things, there might not be enough space in those planners if someone has a typically busy schedule.

      If someone you know has a particularly busy day, gifting this Elite weekly planner can be good. It has 54 sheets which is more than enough to plan out the 52 weeks in a year and then some. It’s also dateless so you don’t have to worry about the timing of this gift.

      Get the Elite weekly planner here.

      3. Getting Things Done

        The final of the productivity gifts we’re suggesting is the book “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity”. While a book might not seem like the best gift – compared to something more action-oriented – productivity isn’t always about making progress.

        In some cases, it pays to read up on new strategies and perspectives to help yourself grow. In the case of the overly productive individual, reading this book could give them new ideas and ways to make the most of the time they get. This is crucial as even if someone is super productive, they could still experience a lot of stress in the process.

        David Allen’s approach to productivity is quite unique and has helped a significant amount of people reduce stress and present methods that anyone can put into action.

        Pick up a copy of Getting Things Done here.

        For People Who Want to Stay Focused

        Another aspect to productivity is getting into a workflow. During this flow state, people’s productivity levels increase significantly and can get a lot of things done in that state of mind. The only issue with this state of mind is that you need incredible focus and maintain that level of focus. Depending on the person, some can get into that flow state easier while others will struggle with it.


        For those having some issues with it, we have some suggestions for productivity gifts to offer.

        4. Kitchwit Privacy Sign

          Even with a pandemic going on, people are still working in a designated spot. In the cases of many, it’s a guest room or some office with a door. In these situations, a privacy sign like this can be very helpful. It flips between don’t disturb, free to knock, and away.

          This makes the list something cheap and also a way to clearly tell people whether you are focused and don’t wish to be disturbed. After all, distractions are the biggest ways to distract people and having a sign to curb the amount allows that person to focus more.

          Buy the Kitchwit privacy sign here.

          5. Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

            Even if the person doesn’t listen to music at all, headphones are oddly great productivity tools. Part of the reason for that is the noise-cancelling headphones are able to block out sounds quite a bit.

            Again, distractions take the shape of all kinds of things. From birds chirping outside to snowblowers making sounds. Being able to cancel the outdoor sounds will allow the user to focus and not be pulled away from various sounds.

            Buy some noise-cancelling headphones here.

            6. White Noise Sound Machine

              Along the same lines as the noise-cancelling headphones, another way to be blocking out sounds is having a white noise machine. These machines work wonders as ways of cancelling noise and allowing people to focus.

              The reason for that is that white noise is at a frequency that allows us to focus and get things done. It can also help with people sleeping as well. The unique thing about this particular white noise machine is that it has different frequencies that you can adjust to. It makes for great productivity gifts for those who want to cancel out noise.

              Buy the white noise sound machine here.

              For People Who Like to Keep Things Organized

              Productivity for other people means being organized at all times. These are the people that always have a clean desk and have specific spots for everything. When staying organized, there are several ways that you can go about it. Below are some gift ideas to consider.

              7. Desk Organizer

                Organizers are of course a necessary part of staying organized. They keep clutter contained in a specific area so it doesn’t take over the entire desk. It also keeps essential tools and everyday items within a convenient spot that can save a person’s time.

                This one is good at storing big and small items that you may need when you’re working on your desk. Being able to have a spot for the files and gadgets can be very helpful to even the most organized people.

                Buy the Desk Organizer here.


                8. Label Maker

                  Another great way for staying organized is having labels for various things. Folders, binders, books, and other things, having labels is a way to get access to something specific quickly.

                  This label maker is a great one as it prints off labels effortlessly and offers 14 font types, 97 frames and 600 symbols. It’s able to print up to 2 lines on labels up to 12 millimetres wide.

                  Purchase the label maker here.

                  9. Bagail Packing Cubes

                  Being organized isn’t always about being organized in the office. It also means being organized in other aspects of your life. Packing cubes is a nice way to be organized in other aspects of one’s life and can be used beyond travelling.

                  These packing cubes, while designed for travelling, can serve as other ways of organizing. These various cubes serve as backpacks, camping, saddlebags, and more. Their versatile nature makes them unique and fitting in either of these scenarios. An organizer is bound to use these in several ways.

                  Get the packing cubes here.

                  For People Who Want to Reach Their Goal in the New Year

                  Too many productivity folks like to set goals around the turn of the new year. Unlike many people, these are goals that they want to be achieving and don’t set them aside months into the new year.

                  For the serious productivity people, give them one of these productivity gifts.

                  10. The Habit Builder System

                  A goal, in reality, boils down to a habit that people are building. Want to be healthy? Build a habit of working out and eating healthy. Want to make more money? Build a habit that can generate more revenue. Want to be achieving any kind of goal? Build a system around building a habit.

                  Having a planner like this is very helpful for those looking to build systems that allow them to achieve their goals. The beauty about this planner out of others is that it goes into extensive detail about your habits. You’ve got space to plan out your month, write down your goals and dive into greater detail and more.

                  Buy the habit builder system planner here.

                  11. RocketBook Fusion

                  Regardless of the type of productive person you are, a planner is a handy tool and each type of planner has something unique to offer. In the case of the RocketBook Fusion, it’s in a completely different class thanks to it being the first environmentally friendly one.

                  Like any planner out there, it has sections that allow you to plan out your day and month. You’ve also got a task list amongst other typically planners. Where this book really shines is the fact you’re able to upload all of the information you write down into this 42-page notebook into one of the many cloud services that are out there. This allows you quick and easy access from your phone while on the go, allowing you to keep this planner at home.

                  Not to mention this saves you the issue of tossing out the planner after you’ve filled up all the pages.


                  Buy rocketbook fusion everlast planner here.

                  12. SELF Journal by BestSelf

                  The last planner that we’ll cover for goal-oriented people is the self journal. This 13-week planner has a proven track record for helping people crush their goals and to track it on a daily basis.

                  The unique part of this book is that it covers areas beyond setting goals. With sections allowing you to talk about what you are grateful for, it’s a sign that this book changes more than how you are approaching goals. Rather it challenges you to change your way of thinking about life as well.

                  We believe this is worthwhile because of that aspect – despite it only covering a quarter of the year.

                  Buy SELF Journal here.

                  For Those Who Have to Work From Home

                  Even after this pandemic is over, there is still going to be a lot of people working from home as they hold remote positions at their company. For these people, their office and workspace is everything and having something that can liven the area can be helpful. In some cases, the gear that helps with the focus can work, but if you want more options, we’ve listed some more below to consider.

                  13. Quartet Glass White Board

                    Also known as a permanent scratchpad, this is a great gift for those who are otherwise writing down things. Even those working from home jot down various notes or things to do. Having a pad can be very helpful for these people as some may pull out their phone to jot down notes and lose focus or being harmful to the environment by jotting down the information on a sticky note.

                    By having a scratchpad to rely on, it’s easier and more convenient. Furthermore, it offers enough space that it can be positioned in any direction and be used for any sort of purpose. Also, the glass on this white board is very durable, able to last much longer than other whiteboards.

                    Buy Quartet glass whiteboard here.

                    14. LapGear Designer Lap Desk

                      Remote workers are able to work from anywhere and many of them will probably have a laptop. Whether they use it exclusively or whenever they’re out, having a laptop resting on one’s lap isn’t a good idea. To avoid that, having a cooling fan or a lap desk is ideal.

                      Why we went for this lap desk is that it can cover even the larger laptops. It also has a pocket in the back for your phone. Furthermore, the padding that it uses has a unique design and is built for comfort, allowing the user to not be concerned about plastic feet digging into their legs.

                      Get LapGear designer lap desk here.

                      15. Artificial Plants

                        Plants have an effect of allowing people to focus. While this attributed to real-life plants, the same can be said about artificial plants as well. They are still realistic and completely remove the need for watering them – even though many office plants require little maintenance to begin with.

                        While there is nothing unique about these plants, they do come in a batch of six, allowing you to mix and match or bring some of them with you to add more of a focused and calming vibe to an area one works at.


                        Purchase Soil & Style succulents artificial plants here.

                        For Working Parents

                        The equation to productivity gets really muddled up when there is a kid involved. Kids can often be points of distraction and more for those looking to boost their productivity. For those who are juggling raising a family and looking to get the most out of their work sessions, here are some gift ideas to help them out.

                        16. Neck Massager

                          While it won’t help with focusing, a massager is a great productivity gift since it allows someone to relax. Sometimes the best productivity method is to just calm down and relax. On top of that, not everyone has the time or money to pay for a professional massage therapist. So having some other way to massage yourself will help out significantly.

                          In the case of this neck massager, we suggested it as it also focuses on the user’s back as well as neck. It offers three different intensities allowing it to be flexible for users and has temperature control too.

                          Buy it here.

                          17. Tile Mate

                          One of the problems that many people have is leaving things behind. This becomes a bigger issue when you are a parent as you’re normally looking after your things as well as your kids. Forgetting something when going out can be disastrous and ruin an otherwise productive session.

                          Tile Mate is a product that is able to fix this problem. All that you have to do with this is attach it to an item – like your keychain or bag – and it’ll create an automatic GPS. So long as you’re in your house, you should be able to track it thanks to an app on your phone. It’s a handy tool compared to the various other options.

                          Pick up a pair of Tile Mates here.

                          18. Espresso/Coffee Maker

                            Coffee or espresso is one way for many parents to get through the day. On top of that caffeine has a way of sharpening one’s focus and being highly productive in the right situations. It’s ideal for parents who are woken up early by their kids or have to be up early anyway.

                            The beauty about this espresso maker is the various features it comes with. First, it is able to brew quite quickly. The second is that you’re able to switch between two modes, allowing you to fill either a 1.35 ounce cup or a 5 ounce cup.

                            Buy it here.

                            Bottom Line

                            Whether you’re thinking of a gift for your friend or partner, we hope that these productivity gifts have sparked some ideas to pick up. Better yet that we’ve made your shopping easier this year with one of the items mentioned above.

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                            The Art of Taking a Break So You Will Be Productive Again

                            Think of yourself as a cup. Each day, you wake up full. But as you go about your day—getting tasks done and interacting with people—the amount in your cup gradually gets lower. And as such, you get less and less effective at whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. You’re running out of steam.

                            The solution is obvious: if you don’t have anything left to pour out, then you need to find a way to fill yourself up again. In work terms, that means you should take a break—an essential form of revitalizing your motivation and focus.

                            Taking a break may get a bad rap in hustle culture, but it’s an essential, science-based way to ensure you have the capacity to live your life the way you want to live it.

                            In the 1980s, when scientists began researching burnout, they described this inner capacity as “resources.” We all need to replenish our resources to cope with stress, work effectively, and avoid burnout.[1]

                            When the goal is to get things done, it may sound counterproductive to stop what you’re doing. But if you embrace the art of taking a break, you can be more efficient and effective at work.

                            Here are five ways on how you can take a break and boost your productivity.


                            1. Break for the Right Amount of Time, at the Right Time

                            When I started my first job out of college, I was bent on pleasing my boss as most entry-level employees do. So, every day, I punched in at 9 AM on the dot, took a 60-minute lunch break at noon, and left no earlier than 5 PM.

                            As I’ve logged more hours in my career, I’ve realized the average, eight-hour workday with an hour lunch break simply isn’t realistic—especially if your goal is to put your best foot forward at work.

                            That’s why popular productivity techniques like the Pomodoro advocate for the “sprint” principle. Basically, you work for a short burst, then stop for a short, five-minute break. While the Pomodoro technique is a step forward, more recent research shows a shorter burst of working followed by a longer pause from work might actually be a more effective way to get the most out of stepping away from your desk.

                            The team at DeskTime analyzed more than 5 million records of how workers used their computers on the job. They found that the most productive people worked an average of 52 minutes, then took a 17-minute break afterward.[2]

                            What’s so special about those numbers? Leave it to neuroscience. According to researchers, the human brain naturally works in spurts of activity that last an hour. Then, it toggles to “low-activity mode.”[3]

                            Even so, keep in mind that whatever motivates you is the most effective method. It’s more about the premise—when you know you have a “finish line” approaching, you can stay focused on the task or project at hand.


                            There are many applications and tools that can help you block distracting websites and apps (such as social media) for specific periods of the day. Similarly, you can also use some mailing apps like Mailbrew to receive all the social media content or newsletters you don’t want to miss in your inbox at a time you decide.

                            So, no matter how long you work, take a break when you sense you’re losing steam or getting bored with the task. Generally, a 10-15 minute break should reinvigorate you for whatever’s coming next.

                            2. Get a Change of Scenery—Ideally, Outdoors

                            When it comes to increasing a person’s overall mental health, there’s no better balm than nature. Research has found that simply being outside can restore a person’s mind from mental fatigue related to work or studying, ultimately contributing to improved work performance (and even improved work satisfaction).[4]

                            No lush forest around? Urban nature can be just as effective to get the most out of your break-taking. Scientists Stephen R. Kellert and Edward O. Wilson, in their book The Biophilia Hypothesis, claimed that even parks, outdoor paths, and building designs that embrace “urban nature” can lend a sense of calm and inspiration, encouraging learning and alertness for workers.

                            3. Move Your Body

                            A change of scenery can do wonders for your attention span and ability to focus, but it’s even more beneficial if you pair it with physical movement to pump up that adrenaline of yours. Simply put, your body wasn’t designed to be seated the entire day. In fact, scientists now believe that extended periods of sitting are just as dangerous to health as smoking.[5]

                            It’s not always feasible to enjoy the benefits of a 30-minute brisk walk during your workday, especially since you’ll most likely have less energy during workdays. But the good news is, for productivity purposes, you don’t have to. Researchers found that just 10 minutes of exercise can boost your memory and attention span throughout the entire day.[6]


                            So, instead of using your break to sit and read the news or scroll your social media account, get out of your chair and move your body. Take a quick walk around the block. Do some jumping jacks in your home office. Whatever you choose, you’ll likely find yourself with a sharper focus—and more drive to get things done.

                            4. Connect With Another Person

                            Social connection is one of the most important factors for resilience. When we’re in a relationship with other people, it’s easier to cope with stress—and in my experience, getting social can also help to improve focus after a work break.

                            One of my favorite ways to break after a 30-or-so minute sprint is to hang out with my family. And once a week, I carve out time to Skype my relatives back in Turkey. It’s amazing how a bit of levity and emotional connection can rev me up for the next work sprint.

                            Now that most of us are working from home, getting some face-to-face time with a loved one isn’t as hard as it once was. So, take the time to chat with your partner. Take your kids outside to run around the backyard. If you live alone, call a friend or relative. Either way, coming up for air to chat with someone who knows and cares about you will leave you feeling invigorated and inspired.

                            5. Use Your Imagination

                            When you’re working with your head down, your brain has an ongoing agenda: get things done, and do it well. That can be an effective method for productivity, but it only lasts so long—especially because checking things off your to-do list isn’t the only ingredient to success at work. You also need innovation.

                            That’s why I prioritize a “brain break” every day. When I feel my “cup” getting empty, I usually choose another creative activity to exercise my brain, like a Crossword puzzle, Sudoku, or an unrelated, creative project in my house.


                            And when I’m really struggling to focus, I don’t do anything at all. Instead, I let my brain roam free for a bit, following my thoughts down whatever trail they lead me. As it turns out, there’s a scientific benefit to daydreaming. It reinforces creativity and helps you feel more engaged with the world, which will only benefit you in your work.[7]

                            Whether you help your kids with their distance learning homework, read an inspiring book, or just sit quietly to enjoy some fresh air, your brain will benefit from an opportunity to think and feel without an agenda. And, if you’re anything like me, you might just come up with your next great idea when you aren’t even trying.

                            Final Thoughts

                            Most of us have to work hard for our families and ourselves. And the current world we live in demands the highest level of productivity that we can offer. However, we also have to take a break once in a while. We are humans, after all.

                            Learning the art of properly taking a break will not only give you the rest you need but also increase your productivity in the long run.

                            More on the Importance of Taking a Break

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